Eureka’s Future is Bright…

…thanks in part to some guy in Vermont and the passion and dedication he has inspired in a new generation of leaders.

The North Coast People’s Alliance and their prior incarnation has been an inspiration to me all year.  They grew out of the local branch of Senator Sanders supporters and a core group of activists have stuck together on a shoe-string budget to take Bernie up on the idea that his candidacy was less about him and more about us.

Let me introduce to some of you one of the members of this group, Tamara McFarland.  She has been invaluable as campaign manager to fourth ward candidate Austin Allison.  Yesterday she sent out an email asking us to share this exchange she has had with Austin’s competition, John Fullerton.

Fullerton’s top priority based on his campaign seems to be we need to be more positive in the face of economic exploitation.  This has been one of my pet peeves this election cycle for as John derides Austin’s supporters for the letters they’ve written as negative he goes on to say his campaign slogans were based as much on his perceived strengths as his perceptions of Austin’s weaknesses.  Ugh.

The truth is that politics is about policy.  I agree with John that we should dismiss outright personal attacks based on personality, but when speaking about policy and it’s implications for our local population the conversation will include some positive attributes of one candidate’s positions and negative repercussions of a person and their leadership capabilities.  And yes, this conversation is often divisive.

And that is OK because there are real issues that have to be addressed by people who have very different ideas and values regarding how we navigate the present and future.  Those that argue against divisiveness or seek a unified polis tend to be the ones with the money or connections to pretend that most or all people agree with their point of view or agenda.

I believe the pleas against divisiveness and positive campaigning is a distraction.  It is one of our local conservative politician’s favorite things to talk in lieu of addressing the concerns of those that may disagree with them.

Tamara understands this and she has had enough.  Thank you Tamara for all you do and here is your Facebook post from last night.  As is his wont, John Fullerton couldn’t resist joining the conversation and it makes for interesting reading.




Not cool indeed!

With leadership from people like Austin Allison, Tamara McFarland, and so many others young and old I’m pretty stoked about tomorrows.  November 8th will be another important step in the right direction, but win or lose on that day we should all know we have people that are dedicated to our common future from all political persuasions.  Sometimes political discussions can get heated and that is as it should be.  There are  consequential topics at hand on which not everyone can or should agree.




One thought on “Eureka’s Future is Bright…

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