Today Brius Will Use Its Workers to Help Extort Higher Payments

Help us point this out.

From Tamara McFarland of the group that grew out of Senator Bernie Sanders’ run for President the North Coast People’s Alliance…

I need help TODAY/TONIGHT with calling folks to come to this action, and making signs. If you can help with either, please let me know ASAP. Sign making party at my house tonight (supplies and pizza provided).

****************************** ****************

Looks like our previous protest got under Shlomo’s skin!!! Now he’s attempting to co-opt our methods by planning his own bogus ‘protest’ and manipulating terrified family members of residents at his facilities into doing his dirty work to extort more money from Partnership Health.

We can’t let this bastardization of the facts stand in for the truth. The truth is that the root of this problem is Schlomo/Brius/Rockport – their corporate greed and unwillingness to negotiate in any meaningful way to solve this problem.


Let’s bring the real truth (kindly!) to any mis-informed Rockport employees, patients, and/or family members who have been misled into participating on behalf of Rockport/Brius/Shlomo. Join us to share information about the appeals process for patients facing imminent relocation, and to display signs that show the truth – that the fault lies with Rockport/Brius/Shlomo, and their refusal to pay fair wages or provide humane living conditions for their patients.

MEET ON THURSDAY, 10/27 AT 12:30 AT 1036 5th STREET, EUREKA.

More information/background:

On Tuesday, family members of residents of Pacific Rehabilitation & Wellness Center were contacted by a representative from Rockport Healthcare Group named Anthony who asked them to attend a protest this Thursday at the local office of Partnership Healthcare Plan, the nonprofit Medical distributor for Humboldt County.

Multiple local residents have reported being contacted by the Rockport representative. One woman, who declines to give her name for fear of negative impacts for her mother, a resident of a Rockport operated facility, reports that upon further questioning, Anthony stated that the purpose of the protest was “to encourage Partnership to pay more.” He told her that the protest would be on Thursday at 1:30, in front of Partnership’s local office at 1036 5th Street in Eureka.

Rockport is controlled by LA-based billionaire Shlomo Rechnitz. Rockport has been locked in a contentious fight with Partnership for months now, with many in the community categorizing Rechnitz’s tactics as extortion. Allen McCloskey, a National Union of Healthcare Workers member, calls this latest development “A blatant attempt to pit the community against one another, and to pervert the public perception of what’s actually happening here.”

In response to the Rockport-initiated protest planned for Thursday, members of the North Coast People’s Alliance have announced their own action – one that calls on Rockport and Rechnitz to take responsibility for the situation by providing fair wages to their workers, increasing quality of care for their vulnerable residents, and keeping as many facilities open as possible locally.

NCPA member Tamara McFarland invites interested parties to join: “Please stand with us to call out the true source of this catastrophe – Shlomo Rechnitz’s greed and unwillingness to work cooperatively with any of the legislators and community activists who have worked tirelessly in an attempt to solve this problem with him over these past months. Join us to demand fair wages for workers in these facilities and humane conditions for patients. We will not take this abuse fueled by corporate greed lying down – we must stand together to say enough is enough.”

For more information, go to or find BriusWatch on Facebook.

Tamara McFarland

And if you are wondering why good people like Tamara, members of the NCPA and many thousands of local people are upset, please read this article by Linda Stansberry of the North Coast Journal from October 13th.


Along with the current campaign against Measure V, we have two local examples in real-time of the power and influence of corporate  power to manufacture public concern against their own interests in their own myopic fight for higher profit margins.

We just have to keep pointing this out because if we don’t, they have the money and influence to do what they need to do to maintain and expand their bottom line.  Even if the proceeds of these actions come at the expense the most vulnerable among us.

One more thing…

You can read Rockport CEO Vince Hambright telling the Medi-Cal distributor in Humbodlt County, Partnership Healthcare Plan, how to spend their tax-payer financed funds in today’s Times Standard.

Here is him saying (paraphasing of course) “now that we have approval from the state to leave, have the state pay us more, or we are out of here.  And when we leave, you’ll only have yourselves to blame.  Rural areas cannot afford Skilled Nursing Facilities because … the free market.”

Now we face the very real possibility of closure in short order. Without an infusion of dollars, we will be unable to continue operations while simultaneously search for a long-term fix for the country’s healthcare recruiting woes.

PHP has those millions of dollars. Time is running short for the organization to step up, do what’s right and save our nursing homes.

Vince Hambright- Chief Extortionist Officer Rockport.


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