Trump and His Supporters Are Angry. This Makes Sense.

Here is a quick video on some of the results of the woman’s equality movement over the last decade.  It’s not just the economy that anger’s Trump’s largely white male base.  It’s also not just scapegoating those who come from a different culture.  It’s also probably has a great deal to do with white men longing for the good ole days.

Here is a 1 min clip that is a handy reminder of the changes that hard work has brought about.

This is lined via a post at Crooks and Liars by Francis Langum.  She also added this from her experience…

I can remember as a child in the 1960’s that my mother had one store credit card with my dad’s name on it. She had no credit to her name at all.

And another woman my mother’s age told me about hiding her pregnancy for as long as she could from her employer, a major top-ten communications company, because as soon as they knew she was pregnant in the 1960’s she would be let go. That was policy.

So when Donald Trump says things like “the good old days” or “pregnancy is very hard on an employer,” you know he is talking about days when women had far fewer rights than they do today.

I think we have to keep this in mind as we struggle to understand the Trump phenomena.  Thankfully longing for the good ole days is not a message that we will have to endure much longer.  Thankfully America is better than it was when it was “Great”.



3 thoughts on “Trump and His Supporters Are Angry. This Makes Sense.

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    “It’s also probably has a great deal to do with white men longing for the good ole days.” ~ LJ

    Question: So, when was the age of “the good ole days and when did that age expire?”

    Afterall, how can a youngin today long for some “good ole days” that predated the birthdate of the youngin?

    Suggests the white men are all older than 60???

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Factoid on Trump,

    He, his daughter and campaign admitted that their plan for pregnant working women was to raid unemployment insurance so that pregnant working women get “paid leave”……shows Trump pandering to women that he’d raid the treasure trough of emergency funds for the rest of the unemployed for working women who make a personal choice to become pregnant (not the employers problem, nor fault, other UI recipients get short changed)

    Prego ain’t unemployed, but it is a great marinara sauce……

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