Consolidated Humboldt/CA Ballot Recommendations*

*From Eureka’s perspective.  Sorry Rio Dell and Trinidad.  Richard has you covered though.

I’ll keep this page updated as I educate myself on what is on the ballot and as I find other people’s recommendations.  If you are so inclined bookmark this page for use until November 8th.


Great Summary of CA Propositions: (ty Sohum Parlance’s Eric Kirk)

California Choices

Eureka’s Fourth Ward:

Times Standard endorses John Fullerton 10/16/16

Measure V:

Times Standard endorsement 10/15/16


If you have recommendations or questions post comments below and I’ll update this page if you wish me too.

I’m going to start with the chart below with a couple of fairly comprehensive recommendations from Richard Salzman and Eric Kirk along with the Humboldt and state Democratic endorsements, the Republican state-wide endorsements and the LA Times editorial board endorsements.  (I’m familiarizing myself with other inter-tube tools and you can find a copy of the chart below here thanks to The Google.  Please give me any feedback if you wish.)

As far as officials, I’m only including local (contested) elections as these contests are no longer competitive in California.  Thankfully, in this blue state it has become obvious that Republicans have given up on governing with all of us in mind. Locally, Republicans-in-all-but-name are still hanging on, they’ve just had to disavow the “R” to stay in power.



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