Community Service Alert for the Untrustworthy …

Look Directly Into People’s Eyes if Being Sworn Into Office

I couldn’t resist, I had to highlight this winner of a letter from Mike Jones former Eureka City Council-member whose choice is simple this November.  In large part because he seems to share with George Bush the ability to see more than most when looking into another man’s eyes.

Here is the quote from today’s Times Standard…

I also came into association with John as I swore him into office as a member of the Eureka Planning Commission while I was the chairman. Anyone who takes the oath of office and looks you straight in the eye is someone you can trust to not only do the job, but with no ulterior motives.

Mike Jones  10/14/16 Times Standard

“No ulterior motives”.  Wow, a good look really can tell you a lot.  You know, I’m willing to admit deficiencies.  Maybe as a liberal I AM sadly lacking some very basic life skills that some conservative leaders seem to share.

On the other hand, how reliable is this power anyway?  I wonder if President Bush saw the future the invasions by Prime President Putin of Crimea then Ukraine in the Russian leaders soul.  And I’d rather not even discuss Putin’s disturbing shortage of shirts in the vicinity of cameras.

Mike Jones and his super-natural skills is obviously a Fullerton supporter, so in the interests of fair play here is a quote from Fred Krissman which can also be found in today’s Times-Standard opinion page.

I’d like to thank the candidates for sharing these endorsement lists and making our decision so much easier! If you want big bucks to continue being siphoned to the top salary earners in the region, while working people flounder and our best professionals are driven away, vote for Fullerton and his business- as-usual conservative approach. If you’re ready for real change — government that supports working people and their interests, while growing a healthy economy — the only choice is Austin Allison.

Fred Krissman, Eureka


3 thoughts on “Community Service Alert for the Untrustworthy …

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    People have been “hollywoodized”.

    Looking into eyes is easy to make the appearance of anything.

    Hell, even the devil could look God in the eye with a straight face and totally be lying.

    Therefore, children of the Corn, are being adapted as adults at a young age.

    Lying is as easy as 1-2 -3.

    HOJ won’t lie, but does admit he could lie his ass off and get away with everything… is easy until wise people catch on……

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