Voting Begins This Week.

Today’s Google in California.

Ballots are being sent out now for those of us that vote by mail.  It’s time to volunteer if you have any spare time and care about issues that Sylvia De Rooy can articulate much better than I can.

See her inspirational “My Word” from Sunday’s Times Standard here. It’s titled “Find out hat matters to you, and fight for it”.

“We are all busy with our lives but like it or no if we don’t all — every one of us — make a commitment to contribute to the fight to recapture our rights and privileges right now there may not be much left to fight for.

Are you ready to toss in your two cents worth, or million dollars worth? Whoever is elected in November is going to bring problems to the White House. They will need to know they are facing a public that is demanding a better world, a public that is answerable to and won’t take no for an answer. If you are willing to be a part of that call me at 707-269-0206 and let’s talk.”

Wow, she left her number.

Here is mine.  (707) 496-5311.  We need your help.  I’m not associated with Sylvia, I just like her, so the recommendations I for action I can give you are my own and not necessarily hers.

We need to get the word out with increased urgency now that the ballots are out.  Here is how you can help…

The Democrats have 7,000 door hangers to distribute marked with their endorsements which will include Austin, Measure P and Measure V.  Their number is (707) 445-3366 and their webs site is here.

North Coast People’s Alliance (The former Bernie group in Humboldt) can be found here.


If you just want to do something tangible now, please join the NCPA making calls Monday to Thursday nights at the Union hall in Eureka (8th and E).  Bring your cell phone, because of course we don’t have money for phone banks.  Sundays 12-4 we go door to door.





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