Breaking: Obamacare remains not on fire with continuing lack of sharks circling.

A cartoon by Nate Beeler of Ohio’s Columbus Dispatch leads the Times Standard Opinion page today.  Republicans would love this fantasy to be true.

If you are concerned about how Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is doing, a fair and honest voice on this is Kevin Drum of Mother Jones.  He is short and too the point and he has maintained interest and coverage of the ACA.  He covers both the good and the bad news.

Here he is discussing the problem of large insurers abandoning some exchanges.

Obamacare’s Latest Problem is Real, But Not Fatal (August 31st, 2016)

And here is a couple of non-sky falling non-news stories that you might have missed.

Another Obamacare Success: It’s Cut Premiums By 30-50%  (July 21st, 2016)

And this…

Yawn. Yet More Good Obamacare News (April 7th, 2016)

Which has this graph on uninsurance rates.


No, this editorial cartoon is not true nor fair.  Yes the ACA has challenges but it seems to me these are really symptoms of a greater problem, our inability as a country to understand that the free market alone cannot be counted on to meet our citizens health needs.

Republicans and conservatives need “Obamacare” to fail even if this means their constituents would be worse off for it.  My hope would be that the Times Standard would filter out those cartoons that are more fantasy than reality, especially if they are not doing the reporting needed to back up these right-wing fantasies.

It should be noted that this cartoon came out of the battle state of Ohio. Opposition to Obamacare, whether rooted in reality or not, will be critical to  Ohio Republicans to get out the vote for a deeply unlikable Presidential candidate.  If this cartoon isn’t fantasy, if the ACA aggravates problems with local health care rather than alleviating these problems, then the Times Standard needs to do a better job reporting on this.  Otherwise, they are simply publishing right-wing propaganda without proper attribution or context.



2 thoughts on “Breaking: Obamacare remains not on fire with continuing lack of sharks circling.

  1. eyeroller says:

    well said Jon.

    Meanwhile Bill Clinton horks up a gaffe about Obamacare…or maybe it’s the new politics, as SOOOO ably demonstrated by Trump…where you say something so trollistic you get days of free coverage in the media as you get quoted and requoted and get to roll it back…for FREE FREE FREE

  2. I guess if it’s print and on the internet it must be true, right? BULLSHIT! My plan was canceled, had to go on the exchanges to get a similar plan (silver) and I now pay more than double for my wife and I. More than 15k a year, and told to expect big increases this year. But I guess if you wear the right kind of blinders all is rosey in LA LA lefty land. So long as someone prints it and put it on the internet….

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