Meet and Greet this Monday. Austin, P, and V. Join Us!


The campaign finance reports were due yesterday and we will be able to review them soon assuming they were turned in timely. I’m allergic to broadcast television and radio so I’m going to assume that those of you who aren’t are beginning subjected to 30 second sound bytes about why you should vote for Mr. Fullerton and against “rent control”.

We have to counter that with our people power! This is the big push, it’s only a week until the increasingly important and popular absentee ballots go out. This meet and greet is sponsored by those local activists who helped garner Bernie 70% of Humboldt’s Democratic vote in the primary last June.

This is your chance to come out and join the fun, and make no mistake … we need your help!

So mark your calendar. Come to the Eureka Labor Union this Monday night, have some fun and get involved in this people’s movement to put public policy back into politics (that’s my take on it, yours may vary). Politics and government belong to all of us, not just those who can afford the most TV and radio commercials.

In case you need to cut and paste, here are the details in text:

  • On Monday, October 3rd, (again at the Labor Temple), NCPA is hosting a Meet & Greet at 5:00. Come and learn about Measure P, Measure V, and city council candidate Austin Allison!

You can find more on the North Coast People’s Alliance Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Meet and Greet this Monday. Austin, P, and V. Join Us!

  1. Once again you are wrong Jon.

    I have endorsed Measure V. I read Measure V and it seems fair with protections for the mobile home owners but also for the mobile home park owners as well.

  2. Read that sentence again John without the assumption that you are being unfairly maligned.

    Yes, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your name on V’s endorsement rolls. For the record I am telling whoever will listen to me that support from you and Uri Driscoll boads well for Measure V. Kudos for understanding the importance of V. Maybe you will help us unelect supervisors in 2018 who couldn’t figure this out on their own and forced people like Hillary M. and Patty Rose to take on this initiative.

    I haven’t edited this post a bit after your comment. Will you be willing to admit that in this case *you* were wrong?

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