A Great Ten Minute Video on Ten Years of Climate Change Politics

We are all familiar what is happening at the federal level with one major political party very serious about finding any reason at continue to support not-so-vested economic interests such as … Big Coal … Big Oil … Big Auto Manufacturers … and yes … Big Consumer.

Lookit, coal and shale make big and easy targets when discussing climate change, but let us not forget our own contributions as we drive to work every morning, buy bananas that were shipped from the equator etc.

Here is a great video summary of the past 10 years by Joss Fong and Joe Posner at Vox that was published a few weeks ago.  On the left side of the video you will watch as our representatives, largely Republican but with support from some conservative or coal-state Democrats pander to climate change during the election of 2008 then slowly revert to the denial with which we have become familiar today.  On the right you will watch as the global average temperature anomaly continues its inexorable rise (in degrees centigrade) and as arctic sea ice continues to dwindle (in millions of square kilometers).

To accompany this video, below is a summary of how our federal representation has changed over the past 9 years.  I hope this table can serve as another reminder during this election season of the importance of Congress not only as policy makers but also important moderators in our national dialog.


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