HAF Hosts Meeting on Houseless This AM

Via the Time Standard on their front page, there is a meeting today from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Humboldt Area Foundation which can be found about half-way between Eureka and Arcata off of that Indianola cutoff you drive by many times each week.

There should be plenty of parking, the address is 363 Indianola Road.

TS meeting

For those of us who will be working this morning, would someone please set their cell-phones to record?  If there is an audio file and it is unavailable on local media, I’d be happy to host it.

Click here for the article written by Hunter Cresswell of the T-S.


2 thoughts on “HAF Hosts Meeting on Houseless This AM

  1. Disappointed to learn of the homeless meeting only when I opened today’s Times Standard. Why didn’t they give us more notice ?

    BTW, Hunter Cresswell’s article is correct, some of the homeless are not capable of work anymore and will need help for the rest of their lives. It is important for people on all sides of the homeless issue recognize that fact.

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