Nina Turner is a State Senator from Ohio.  I began following her on Twitter a couple of months ago and after hearing about the “vicious, calculated, and despicable attack” on police officers I went to her feed to get a little perspective.

It turns out that Nina not only is an African American mother but she is also a mother of a police officer, so she gets this.

12 hours ago (before news of the slain police officers) she was tweeting this.

and this…

Then an hour later, after the murders in Dallas, this…

and this…

2016 will not be the divisive year for Democrats that 1968 was.  We cannot and will not let events that are paralleling 1965 where a racially-charged traffic stop lead to the Watts riots and the indelible images on the relatively new broadcast medium of television fueled the reactionary politics of fear and hate for decades to follow.

We now have a tragically ever increasing volume of mind-numbing videos that continue to prove America’s two tiered justice system and we will get to a place where love trumps hate.

But not yet, not last night.

Remember, we can beat this.  We will find and convict those who killed the officers last night.  We will also fight to find justice for those who should still be alive today such as Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling.

The justice that will eventually come will not be exactly what any of us would like it to be.  We’d all rather, as Nina tweeted, that none of this had to happen at all.  We also have to keep in mind the difference between murder and killing.  Because of whom was wearing the uniforms when people die 100 times out of 100 a slain officer will be murder, and even in the unbearable litany of black deaths in the hands of officers (not to mention white deaths), 99 times out of 100 we will be seeking justice for a killing, not murder.

Understanding the difference between a killing and a murder is critical.  If we can understand this and teach this, then there is hope we can continue to improve on the notion of justice for all in our nation.  And in today’s society, justice for all means focusing with clarity on the fact that black lives matter.

Wave at or salute or thank a peace officer today for the work he or she does.  Let those of us  who can spread the love and respect we all deserve.

And if you need any evidence on who would love the history of 1965 (or is it 1860?) repeat itself, below is a screen shot of today’s Drudge Report.

Also, please read Rick Perstein’s Nixonland and/or Invisible Bridge so we are not destined to repeat the mistakes of our past.  I don’t think we will, but it is important to understand how news, especially news regarding race relations (not to mention religion), affects the politics of the right.

160709 Drudge



5 thoughts on “#unacceptable

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    If those dead cops were good human beings, then yes, a sad, sad day.

    If any of those dead cops were crooked, falsified or fabricated a police report, used their position to abuse, etc…., then good riddance.

    Yes, the american justice sysyem has ALWAYS been rigged!

    Cops better shape up or die, suffice to say.

    Also, the cops just “stepped up” the game with a robotic bomb to kill the suspect. Now, watch more bombs going off to kill cops. Drones dropping viles of anthrax, etc….yep, it can and will happen because America is run by corrupted frauds.

    The real shame is two guilty as hell cops should be dead, and indirectly, 5 and 7 cops in Dallas should not have been affected at all because they were not the 2 cops that should have been sniped upon.

    Lastly, in America, this whole country is easily breachable from within. Bombs will destroy infrastructure, people will have no running water, or electricity, or land line phones, etc….. it is just too easy and accessible to destroy publuc infrastructure and not get caught…..

    Sudden Link Bandit, fiber optic line sabotages, arson, ring a bell?

    Good people need to kill bad people before any justice system changes will be effective. Evil is only defeated by killing evil, not enabling it with America’s rehabilitation of Political Correctnesses.

    Think of all those people executed and murdered by cops that got zero headlined, but shoot a cop and viola, the sun never goes down and the light shines on how cops are victims.

    Cops flip the narrative to everything that their accusers allege against the cops.

    Personally, aint buying the cops whining about the bullshit that is caused as a result of America’s Pilice State.

    Once betrayed by a cop, trust never comes back, no different than an infidel spouse.

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    So, some guy on Major media claims that the Dallas protesters were hipocrits because they ran the opposite direction expecting the men in blue to protect them (ya, apparantly not women) when bullets started flying.

    Hmmm, even liberal Jon would run away cuz he ain’t armed with a gun like cops are to shoot back .

    It does not make Jon a hipocrite.

    The media guy should be kicked to the unemployment line and enter into a DHHS program for being a “deflection con artist who flips the narrative as a pro police state supporter”.

    It was Fox, not a surprise as Fox supports the Police State.

    It is interesting how different the Dallas spin job is by different media.

    Wonder how long it takes a cop insider/supporter to organize a vigil for the two murdered citizens at the hands of cops?

    Too bad Minnesota Governor kept his tongue because a good curseword or two could make a world of difference, especially saying that if cops are murderers, then they should be treated like the piece of shit they are.

  3. Shak says:

    A Black cop kills a 6 yr old austistic white boy buckled up in the back seat of the car his daddy was driving. Crickets.

    1. Henchman Of Justice says:

      Wow, when and where.

      The child was a victim bystander of something that occured between two adults?

    2. Shak – it’s really important to understand this (assuming you wish to understand by Black Lives Matter is important for our society. a) There is not a systemic (system-wide, universal, ubiquitous) problem of autistic children being killed by police. There is not a history of autistic children being used as the backbone of an economic system against their will with economic and social threads reaching down to today’s society. b) It did make the news and I only need to Google your sentence to find it.
      Crickets simply isn’t true.


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