Humboldt Conservatives: Tax The Little Gal

Even if their loudest constituents have been participating in a crime, Humboldt’s conservative representatives will do what they can to minimize their taxes moving forward.

Never-mind revenue needs to be devised to balance private sector production and the costs of government we all want and need.  You know things like public safety or even roads.


But no, let’s minimize the revenue from those free loaders and law-breakers who we all have to now admit have helped us get into this disastrous state.

We don’t have enough money (there have been no previous per-acre taxes collected from  weed that would go directly to County government), we have increasing problems with violent and property crime and houselessness, and there are surely growing problems convincing children and students that they should wait to make a decision about smoking or ingesting weed until after they become adults.  Don’t forget the conservation of our landscapes and culture.  These are principles that a concerned conservative (and liberal) should be championing, no?

And what about our law-and-order conservatives that we hear so much about endlessly on KINS.  Can we not see that we are favoring those who have been breaking the law for all these years?

And now we want to legalize this trade while laying out a red carpet and having the rest of us suckers good people pay the tab of incentivizing more criminals out of the shadows so they may pay a gentle tax.

But this is where our conservative leadership is leading us.  This obviously isn’t about conservatism at all, but about money.  Whether it is the value of the land that many will benefit from with the laissez-faire attitude toward weed, or proof of the disastrous and nonsensical tax policy which would be a Grover Norquist’s dream.  A flat tax that is so low that it is designed to bring more people and businesses into the tax stream instead of building a revenue stream which will help pay for known costs of this business.

Twenty-five percent tax reduction when a twenty-five cent reduction was proposed(1)?  Really?  Is this how little our representatives value math?  Now Supervisor Sundberg’s even lower flat taxAll this when we know this regressive sales tax to maintain roads is in the offing from Humboldt County Association Of Government?   Can we the people begin to see the collusion that is going on?

This is government and policy not for the people (or for that matter rationality) but for land owners and it’s being sold to us as if the little gal will ultimately profit.

This has nothing to do with conservatism as we might have defined it under Eisenhower or arguably even Reagan.  This is about Tea Party populist conservatism.  It’s about doing one thing with clear results, and rationalizing it as another.  The only way this has been possible is with a media with a crumbling business model and, sadly, many of those in both the environmental movement and the Democratic Party that are doing what they can to get along and go along.

OK, let us add one more reason to the list:  we are economically desperate.  There are many people in dire financial need and many others living paycheck to paycheck.  People under those circumstances are probably not inclined to pay attention to the nuance of governing.   They will be listening to representatives who are telling them what they want to hear, even if in the mean time they are actually working against their interests.

(1) From LoCO: “Fennell floated a suggestion of dropping the fees by 25 cents across the board, at each level of the progressive tax. After some discussion with fellow supervisors, Bohn said that if it’s gonna be lower he’d prefer it to be a 25 percent cut across the board, rather than 25 cents. Sundberg agreed, and that’s how the item ultimately passed.


3 thoughts on “Humboldt Conservatives: Tax The Little Gal

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    “Freeloaders – the marijuana label” have been paying more indirect local taxes than most people who live in consumer county humboldt. YES, it is called a sales tax where the locals get a cut already.

    “Freeloaders – the mj label” are the loan industry being “isolated as bait” as insiders collude to tax it HUGE.

    “Freeloaders – the mj label” were not being monitered in a way to use existing environmental laws and land use laws to punish the illegals, but turning a blind eye became rourine as the progressive liberal elected officials of past regimes (AND STILL essentially the same exact staff higher ups, less Girard), still turn a blind eye, maybe cuz some staff own land whereby marijuana activities are in the neighborhood increasing financial future gain possibilities……no weed rush, lower values…….so, at the reins of the horse and buggy is Al Capone’s hitmen writing Capone’s visions of versions of ” their clan language”.

    As far as “direct taxation” to be “schemed” as an industry tax on the ballot,

    Pray tell when and where humboldt hick county ever created a direct industry tax in the past with the balancing counterpount argument that roads, mental health, housing, etc…. need funding.

    Not even Palco had this draconian, dictatorial, authoritarian tax ballot proposal, and it is well argued that Palco destroyed vastly MUCH more mother earth than “Freeloaders – the mj label”, but oddly, those in power as acclaimefd progressive liberals like the Mark Lovelaces and Ken Millers, NEC’s of Humboldt County, its staff as progressive liberals, came out for war and used existing environmental laws on the books having nothing to do with being a legal industry, project, development, etc….nothing. So, to be laxer than lax with weed violations of mother earth for decades, past regimes are MOST GUILTY for current mess.

    And, to top it off, VAT tax a medicine to the point of uber expensive.

    Irony is, most votes casted will not be by big growers, but rather the small people.

    So John, any idea on the numbers of growers and grow sizes? Seems to HOJ all the hub-a-bub about what amou t to tax is based upon supes having no idea what is out there, even though Lovelace championed a “skyway flyover of larger grow sites utilizing older logging skid sites” and claimed illegal grading – existing means already graded years ago before weed on site……, old legal skid site is transferred into mj illegal grading…….talk about attempting a set up for a fall.

    Mark shoulda kept his word 8 years ago, but he decided a career of 8 years would net nearly $1,000,000.00 tax transferred wealth onto his family table……now that was damn progressive!

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