A Brexit Map of Hope for the EU (Update 6/25)

As the Bexit votes came in Thursday night, there was one clear pattern of hope for those of us not inclined to reactionary politics which you can see in this map of Thursday’s Brexit votes from the NYT.

Scotland was definitively for remaining in the European Union and their leadership is immediately looking into a another vote to leave Britain.  Presumably once severed from Britain they would want into the EU.

Ireland is in the EU, Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom is not.  Brexit may be the catalyst towards a united Irish island which then would also presumably remain in the EU.

All in all as a anglophile and an EU-phile I’m hopeful.  I believe that finally having this reactionary vote unites the far right fringe across the European continent in an odd way serves as a milestone to Europeans to affirm why they decided to create a bureaucracy which would economically and politically unite historically disparate peoples.

So maybe Brexit will be proven to be a misnomer.  Britain (and Northern Ireland) didn’t vote to exit the European Union, it was largely England and Wales.  Maybe, by doing so, they really forced the hands of Scotland and Northern Ireland to exit the United Kingdom so they can now rejoin the EU. (UKxit?, Un-united Kingoom?, Kingdom?)

This is all really complicated, especially if, like me, it isn’t really clear without a little bit of inter-tubes-reminders of the differences between the UK and Great Britain. (Hint:  it’s Northern Ireland)

Update:  Good review of the potential break up ok the UK in the wake of Brexit in the NYT Sunday morning…

After ‘Brexit,’ 3 Centuries of Unity in Britain Are in Danger

Here are a couple of quick fun and informative videos by one of my favorite YouTubers, CBG Grey.

And a little on how and why Scotland joined Great Britain.


6 thoughts on “A Brexit Map of Hope for the EU (Update 6/25)

  1. jtimmons88 says:

    Seriously disappointed in the Brexit vote and I understand many Brits already have buyers’ remorse (just as our voters will have we’ll have if Trump is elected.)

    1. Thanks Julie! Also, no matter how much the media will need this race to be competitive, Trump will not be elected President.

      1. MOLA42 says:

        I wish I shared your optimism Jon. We elected a certified idiot (Bush II) not once but twice for President. The Brexit vote just proves any group of sane appearing people can make stupid choices.

        I think Trump’s message strikes many of the same cords… “If it doesn’t work exactly the way your want, break it.”

        1. Thanks Mola. This is why I feel so confident. Bush was not liked, but he was a part of the Republican mainstream. Regan begat H. W. who begat W. With W. came all the folks who wanted limited government, limited taxes, and the inverse, more more and influence to the private sector and to their religious institutions.

          But the conservative coalition of limited government folks (limited except for a expansive military) and the religious right cannot both get behind Trump. Not to mention many fiscal conservatives like the Kochs who are Trump skeptics because of Trumps support for eminent domain.

          For the record, I don’t think Bush wins without the Supreme Court in 2000 and without the war in 2004. For many years now Republicans have failed in their attempt to create a platform that can win a national vote. Perhaps you will be proven right, perhaps the absurd and constant lies self-promotion and explicit hate will bring out enough voters in November.

          However, having listened and read good people on the right fight against Donald trumps candidacy, I do not think there will be a united conservative vote for Donald. Maybe there will be enough disenfranchised white working-class males to make up for this, but let’s not forget in this process that there is motivation by the media to have a horse race or one may not exist.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed the CBG Grey videos.. That ‘scene’ with England wanting to be off in the Atlantic away from Europe somewhere, turned out to be prescient! Looks as if CBG will have to redo that video sometime but wouldn’t hurt to wait til Scotland and Ireland/Northern Ireland decide what to do now!

  3. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Video highlite 1:30 forward to 2:19, the chart was great.

    Not mentioned is why the “Repubic of Ireland” is not part of UK, but that Northern Ireland is. Answer is in part thay the economic regions od the island are vastly different and historic Britains have been attempting to invade the island Ireland through its northern region for centuries, but kept failing, so they economically “adopted each other”.

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