Election Day 2016 (Part I of II)

(Part II is 153 days away.)

That media which the right-wing likes to slime as “liberal” has been tough on ole’ Bernie, and today is a perfect example.  Here is what you will find if you click over to the NYT.  Hillary has wrapped it up, why should we bother to vote?

June 7th NYT.com

Why does this headline appear the morning of the most consequential of all states?  Could this news wait until perhaps after voting?  This, again is a great political strategy and the NYT and A.P are enabling it.  Enough Super delegates announced who they will vote for giving the A.P. and now the NYT the chance to emblazon the headline “Clinton Clinches Delegates for Nomination” as California voters make their way to the polls.

O.K., this is why this is an uphill battle for those tens of millions of Bernie supporters (and even Hillary supporters) who understand that the Democratic Party once again has to become the party that will support democracy generally and the working class of this country specifically.

While that headline itself will likely hurt voter turn-out for Bernie, here is some news you haven’t heard about that should buoy your spirits.  Remember this too, Hillary in all probability will be the Democratic nominee.  But if Bernie can win in California, even after Clinton has been designated as the presumptive Democratic nominee, the victory would serve as another unmistakable clarion call from a large segment of the American population to please pay attention and build policy that is directed toward the people of this country rather than the lobbyists.

Item One:  Final RealClearPolitics.com California Democratic Presidential Primary Poll Summary.

RCP California June 7th 2016


Item Two:  Democrat Registration Surge in 2016.

From the L.A. Times:  California’s registered voters hit record high ahead of Tuesday presidential primary

  • “Of the 646,220 people who registered in the final rush —between April 8 and May 23 — 76% became Democrats.
  • California’s total voter registration now stands at 17,915,053. That’s the largest number ever registered heading into a primary election.*
  • And the rush all happened at the end. In fact, 98% of all the growth in California’s voter ranks in 2016 happened in just the last 45 days of the registration season.”

* (Not by percentage, but by absolute numbers)

The registration totals can be found here, but were also tweeting out by the author of this LA Times article.

This is very important not only for it’s implications for today’s votes (first time voters might favor the insurgent Bernie) but it alone should be a reminder to Democratic leaders that we build our party not by moving policy closer to the Republicans, but by sticking to our policies that support basic Democratic principles:  one person one vote (not one dollar one unit of influence), equal justice under the law, economic and environmental sustainability, expansion toward universal healthcare and education, and belief in and support of our public institutions which include government and public and even private sector unions.  These are some of the principles behind Bernie’s surge in the Democratic Primary.  I hope the eventual Democratic nominee and it’s party begins to hear this message.

It is a message that is not compatible with high-dollar speeches to Wall Street firms.  Candidate Clinton understood this during this election season which is why she didn’t release them.  Will she understand where her mandate will have come from if she is to be elected as President as the Democratic nominee?

We’ll see.

See you at the polls. (go Bernie)

One more thing.  If for some reason you still haven’t made up your mind for whom to vote, you might want to peruse this site.  (OpenSecrets.org)


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