The Consequences of Political Actions

Yesterday I wrote this article lamenting the fact that neither Supervisor Fennell nor Supervisor Bohn will be held to account for their disingenuous politics.

They make themselves out to be interested in public participation and (in Estelle’s case only) protecting the environment, but their primary interest trumps both.

Their primary interest is doing what they can to honor their donor, honor land owners.  The land owners themselves will tell all of us that what is good for them is good for all of us – you know kinda like the job creators meme.  They are the heros and if we would just listen to them and not the darn (insert conservative boogie-man here) nirvana will arrive.

And nirvana has arrived.  The land owner’s property values are in demand and they can liquidate or buy more as they please.

What this Board of Supervisors has been working toward this whole time, whether they were aware of it or not, is to monetize our land.  This is very good for very few people and will be very bad for very many people and pretty much all of out landscapes and most if not all of our native flora and fauna.

So when Supervisor Fennell said this during her debate with Glen “Bud” Rodgers…

I think you are going to see lots of good policies that are going to address the issue of preserving open space and also preserving the areas between municipalities to give that feeling that is so precious to us in Humboldt County.  We’ve got lots of open space for us to enjoy and we want to protect it.

Is this an example of the future she is speaking of or is this one of the bumps in the road on the path of incentivizing protection of natural resources.

The bottom line is this.  We do need to grow, we do need a viable and sustainable economy, but it needs to be done with planning and with our government’s goal of protecting the agricultural and natural resources that we have.  I would have hoped that we would have learned this during the obscene exploitation of our resources that ended with the liquidation tactics of Maxxam.

But because of the power and tenacity of monied interests, our political system has been dumbed-down to the point where we will quietly accept the trickling down of trimming jobs cash and temporary construction sights as the anonymous land owners of our county who have been honored by our Board of Supervisors now get the pay-offs of their investments in the political process in Humboldt County.

Honoring and paying off the contributions and political savvy of property owners sold to us as empowering public participation.  We are now experiencing the bubble of the results of the Humboldt coalition of property owners and Weed Inc.

And it’s likely going to get worse before it gets better.  And we can’t do anything about it though the ballot box.  Ugh.



3 thoughts on “The Consequences of Political Actions

  1. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    I don’t think there’s much we can do to stop the Board of Supervisors at this point. There’s money to be had and money trumps all other values. I do see this as a threat to our local food network. We have managed to develop a healthy local food production network that is very much worth saving. I hope we can salvage that from the land grabs.

    1. ralph says:

      right on Mary. Purely capitalistic minded consumerism leads to economic depression, low income housing, lower standard of health, and the corporate monopolizing of local agriculture. This is not about dem-rep… it is about greed and being sold out. Law suits and bullets are the only 2 things scum like this will yield to.

      And also not in the news>>>

      # of US military officially killed by ISIS: 3
      # of shootings in Chicago this weekend as of Mon afternoon (2-1/2 days): 54, 4 dead

  2. eeeek!! says:

    another slippery meme: ‘wealth creators’….used in an NPR piece about rich oilygarchs and other world class criminals sheltering/laundering their dirty (foreign) money by investing in London real estate, incidentally bringing billions to the UK and driving property prices up in London…the theme was something like ‘these wealth CREATORS’…(spit)…never a good idea for the media to not carry the load for rich people, right?

    Theyse billionaire money launderers are actually wealth accumulators, and the use of the words ‘wealth creators’ gives the game away, that other rich people and politicians LIKE to see property prices explode upwards, ‘creating’ wealth despite the creepy money laundering stink of it.
    Corruption and the nice words to enable it.

    (All too familiar isn’t it?)

    But the UK has some ‘new laws’ that will make it tougher’…so NPR reassures us.

    hahahahaha, right.

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