What Really Happened at the Nevada Democratic Convention

Thom Hartmann interviews Erin Bilbray a Super-delegate from Nevada.  It is a welcome dose of reality from what cable news, and the rest of the media will report on the Nevada State Democratic Convention last Saturday.

I’ve posted this onto a SoundCloud account.  It is too large to stay there indefinitely.  If you get to this post after it has been taken down you can given me a call at (707) 496-5311 and I will e-mail the show to you.

Also, sorry for the writing hiatus.  I’m gearing up for a run for Eureka City Council Ward 2 and I’m having to re-direct priorities and focus.

BTW, if you are interested in helping this campaign to help continue to move in the  a direction which would focus on the priorities of working people, building an economically and environmentally sustainable future while retaining compassion for all of our citizens (and, heaven forbid, non-citizens?), give that number a call.  This is going to be a campaign depending much more on volunteering resources to get the word and vote out rather than $$.

One more thing on the show…

After Erin Brilbray Thom speaks with a new hero of mine, former State Senator Nina Turner of Ohio.  The entire 44 minutes of the show is well worth a listen.



5 thoughts on “What Really Happened at the Nevada Democratic Convention

  1. C.A.C. says:

    I have wondered if your energies were going into your campaign. Do you have a campaign website, Jon? We will talk soon.

  2. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    Hi Jon – long time, no post. My brother Ralph was a delegate at the Nevada Democrat Convention and he didn’t see any violence, but he was a Bernie delegate(his precinct in Carlin went 100% Bernie) and he did see the chair behave badly and agreed with those delegates who felt that the whole event was rigged against Bernie with last minute rule changes and miscalling of a vote that should have been against the changes but was ruled in favor of them. There was also a lot of question as to why Nancy Pelosi, who represents California, was there to support the pro=Hillary folks in Nevada. I don’t think the party establishment realizes how their behavior antagonizes folks like my brfother, who left the Democratic party to become a decline to state voter because he and many others have come to the conclusion that the DNC represents the DNC and the voters be damned.

    Mary Ellai

    1. Thanks Mary Ella. So great to hear from you. I couldn’t agree more and this was exactly the reports that Erin Bilbray made on the Thom Hartmann show.

  3. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    I think the Democratic hierarchy has gotten the message that they shouldn’t be alienating Bernie supporters. He has been invited into the circle and given four delegates based on his election turnouts. I can’t listen to Tom Hartmann as much I would like to because I have obligations, but it was on Tom Hartmann’s show that I got to know Bernie Sanders, listening to the every Friday Brunch with Bernie hour. I suspect that the reason voter turnout has been so meagre is that people have lost faith in the political system and it’s ability to serve the general population. As we were warned when it began under Reagan, allowing monopoly control of our media has created a perfect storm of propaganda, misinformation and distraction. The entire world has been reduced to a profit driven reality show. People vote and nothing changes. But then along comes Bernie and he has a history of telling the truth. People who have been sitting out elections are now hopeful enough to come back to the polling place and vote.

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