Lifting the Cap on Social Security Taxable Income

Why not?  I just don’t understand this.  It can go a long way towards making Social Security solid for decades into the future.  In the clip below from This Week with George Stephanopoulos yesterday, Bernie is arguing it can also be used to expand benefits.

Why isn’t Hillary fighting hard for this?  Like President Obama passing the Affordable Care Act, expanding funding to Social Security is a tangible movement a Democratic leader could make to restoring an America which is striving to reduce poverty.  Especially in the most vulnerable of populations, especially after a life of work.

Why not have those privileged to be making $250,000 and above pay the same Social Security tax those making less than that have to pay?  It does not make any sense and what makes even less sense is that we don’t hear about this more often.

Thank you Bernie for making it through the baloney questions from George Stephanopoulos and talking about policy.  Even if you only had a couple of minutes to do so.

5 thoughts on “Lifting the Cap on Social Security Taxable Income

  1. Maryann says:

    The 2016 cap on Social Security tax is $118,500. 6.2% of gross wages are deducted from an employee’s wages. The employer matches the calculated amount. This is just another example of people with lower incomes paying taxes while those with higher incomes are exempt. Completely unfair system. Time for change.

    1. Exactamundo as The Fonz might say. Also – I removed your email address Maryann as it came over with your comment. If you meant to have it up, let me know and I’ll add it again.

  2. Supertaffy says:

    You do reqlize that under Bernie’s tax plan all people making more than 30k will get a minimum 5% tax raise. More than 50k and it’s 10% on top of what they are already paying. So yes he’s taxing the rich more but also the hard working people making barely living wages as well.

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