Fortuna Leads by Adopting the CCA Ordinance

Councilmembers of Eureka City Council, let’s follow your colleague’s lead on this too please.

From page 2 of today’s TS:

The Fortuna City Council adopted a Community Choice Aggregation ordinance Monday that authorized the city’s participation in a CCA program implemented and operated by the Redwood Coast Energy Authority.

And this:

Power is generated by the CCA but uses the existing wire and infrastructure already in place to distribute power. In this case the infrastructure is owned by Pacific Gas and Electric Co., which will still deliver meter and bill for the power purchased by the CCA.

Not quite.  Power won’t be generated by the CCA, but they will be buying it from those that do.  This is why Eureka’s participation up front will be very helpful.  More meters (in terms of Eureka’s significant portion of Humboldt’s population) means more leverage to get the best prices.

At least as I understand it, and yes this is all very new and confusing so we are all allowed a learning curb as we find ways to add what hopefully will remain a local public option as competition to a monopolistic public utility who is not intrinsically interested in promoting local energy production alternatives.



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