“Qualified”gate: A Mistake by Bernie.

Last night Bernie overstepped.  Kevin Drum of Mother Jones writes this indicates the rhetoric has been elevated to “DEFCON 1” and and John Amato whom I will reference below writes this augurs a “really brutal” stage of Democratic primary for those of us with something at stake in this process.

Here is the clip from a Bernie rally in Philadelphia last night.

And here is a good summary of the clip in context of the day’s media events from John Amato founder of the website Crooks and Liars.

Some thoughts…

a) Hillary had not said Bernie was unqualified, but she did not rebut MSNBC’s repeated and slanted question.  Former Republican Congressman and Trump apologist Joe Scarborough asked 3 times if Hillary thought that Bernie was unqualified followed by answers by Hillary about why she thinks she would be a better President than Bernie. (find clip of this in John Amato’s post linked above).  In the end, although not affirming that Bernie would be eminently qualified himself, Hillary does rightfully conclude that the voters should be making the decision.

b) Yes, there was an “if” to Bernie’s statement and he wasn’t speaking about Hillary the person as much as he was talking about that stuff he is trying to get through our thick skulls.  …but…  He can’t ever forget he is running against potentially America’s first woman President and a man of the left cannot call a woman who is arguably the most qualified person in America to be President given her experience as a Senator, Secretary of State and even First Lady unqualified.  It will be seen as part of a familiar pattern to 50.8% of Americans, not to mention those men who can see what is going on.

(unrelated bonus bullet-point) c)  Note to Bernie’s staff – make sure he stands well above the podium in the future.

Bernie shouldn’t have said what he said. Hillary is eminently qualified to be President  AND our system is rigged by money and elected leaders such as former Senator Clinton have made horrible decisions like going into Iraq and failing to protect American workers.

Now when I Google the search term “hillary unqualified” to find the video linked above the ad that shows up is Hillary’s official campaign website.  Good move Hillary!

Politics.  AmIright?


2 thoughts on ““Qualified”gate: A Mistake by Bernie.

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:


    If it is FACT that Shillary took Super PAC money and Wall Street money and that the Democratic Party is now a majority of women voter oozing support for Shillary, then it begs the discussion that receiving such support does make Shillary unqualified because it is obvious as fuck that Shillary does not represent EVERYONE, but Shillary does represent those factions not behaving good and attempting to gain favors, benefits unnaturally through politics, no less.

    Women – be careful for what to ask for or force upon society.

    Notice how Shillary can’t or won’t segregate women into the social classes or peer groups as needed for discussions?


    Shillary knows that to segregate the facts about women means she can’t lure all women together. It is a political only tactic that eliminates anything more than “two’s”, in this point of emphasis, men versus women narrative.

    Obviously, if women were segregated to match those various political arguments, then Shillary could not lump all women together in her pro feminist movement diatribes. It is much easier to lure women into a single, categorical complaint on sexisms, as opposed to being forced to cope with the politics that ” not all women are the same” or “that enough women too are fed up with Shillary’s sexism game tactics because the ” educated woman” understands Shillary would murder GOD in order to become the first female president…….Shillary will say and do anything to “be the first”, which would elevate her unto a status level higher than anything else on ” Gods green earth.”

    HOJ does not want a piece of shit, accomplice to murder in Arkansas and blind eye rayban wearer to her husbands adultry, backstabbing liar to be the first woman president, suffice to say. There are so many more women of honor who deserve to be the first female president, not some slick talkin’ schmoozer of a bitch.

    IF Shillary is elected, what are the chances she likely gets assassinated based upon all her lies and gender created political treasons coupled with current affairs of the unsanctid “state”. Ironically, this election is showing how despised the American two party system is and the crossroads are before us all.

    Fuck Bill and Shillary Clinton! Fuck Bush! Fuck ’em all in the two party system, feds, state and locals. Individuals elevated to gubbamint or corporate leadership roles have fucked America from the inside out, but foreign policy is to make us believe otherwise.

    God fuck us all!

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Comparison of similarity between Trump and Clinton:

    In a pattern of pre Nazi Germany, Trump uses (Muslim refugees and cultural differences) outsiders as the “Jewish model”, whereas Clinton merely uses insiders (men) as the “Jewish model”.

    Clinton and Trump are more alike than what too many dipshit voters could ever realise. They both are pulling out pages of pre Nazi Germany, but disguising the book for 21st century enslavery!

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