RCEA Selects TEA to Lead CCA (What?)

At last night’s Eureka Energy Committee (EEC) meeting Matthew Marshall, Executive Director of Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA)  introduced Jeff Fuller of The Energy Authority and Sean Marshall of Lean Energy as the group selected to head up Humboldt’s Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program.

This will be a big change and I hope Eureka via our City Council will help lead Humboldt into what has been a successful and sector-changing in counties such as Marin and Sonoma.

My request is for the Eureka City Council to push this to the top of their upcoming agenda to find out as much as they can and make their decision sooner rather than later for Eureka.  If this CCA as organized by the RCEA is found to be solid,  Eureka could then join with other leading jurisdictions who will be going through the same decision process.  If Eureka can join other leading jurisdictions which is likely to include at the very least Arcata, having Eureka’s electricity consumers on board means more meters (customers) for those running the CCA.  More meters a greater economy of scale meaning more leverage and options for those running our CCA as they traverse the changing energy marketplace.

Eureka, let’s take the lead in shaking up PG&E’s electricity production monopoly.  The technology and the resources exist in, for example, local biofuel plants and rooftop solar, what comes next is the infrastructure to handle and promote local electricity production.  Let’s lead this necessary change.


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