Please Consider both the Houseless and their Dogs

By request by Humboldt49 (aka Mom).

Like it or not (& I decidedly don’t) the forced eviction of the houseless continues and good people are doing what they can to help ease the transition.

From an email from Edie Jessup of , fan of Humboldt’s The Other Side of the Fence,

If you are concerned about the issues of homelessness, and the current threat of displacement of nearly 200 people and their animal companions, here is a way to contribute to assuring that dog companions are not taken from these vulnerable neighbors.  By vaccinating and licensing their dogs. 

go fund me
Please visit this gofundme page.


2 thoughts on “Please Consider both the Houseless and their Dogs

  1. Edie Jessup says:

    Hello Jon,
    Thanks for posting this. Please note and change, I am not on Other Side of the Fence Board of Directors. Just a fan of their work. Edie Jessup

    1. Hi Edie, sorry about that, I had about -10 minutes to compose this if I wanted to do it before work yesterday. Thank you for taking the time to request a correction and more importantly getting out the word.

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