Birdie Sanders’ Message: Voting Continues!

There was an endearing moment yesterday at a Bernie rally at the Moda Center in Portland – here is a youtube clip if you haven’t seen it.

And a link from Crooks and Liars with a snippet of what Bernie was going on about when the bird happened to stop by and tweet at Bernie.  He was speaking about education and that going to school and doing well should mean something – and it should.

Bernie’s reaction was priceless as he was clued into what the crowd was reacting to.  When the bird then decided to surprise everyone?   Awesomeness ensued.

Anyway, as the Democratic primary chugs along and we have some semblance of a race even into April I think it’s appropriate to take an objective look at where we stand.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s overwhelming lead in the invisible primary (which – and this frustrates me to no end – included Senator Sherrod Brown) which took place before citizens registered even one vote in Iowa, Bernie has galvanized the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. The results can be seen in the democratic-socialist’s national poll numbers which may have a ceiling for Bernie only due to time and not message.

National Poll
Sceen grab from Real Clear Politics. Click this to open their interactive graphic.

A Bloomberg poll this week had Bernie up by 49-48.  This poll had some very interesting internal numbers which help define what is important to a Hillary voter and visa versa.  One telling number – 75% of those democrats polled said it doesn’t bother them that he describes himself as a democratic socialist.  Only 24% said it did. (pg. 11)

Below is a second or third installment of my MacGyver-inspired Democratic primary map.  I’m using an app called 270-to-Win which is built to allow users to create national maps of the general election, so please ignore the numbers.  These are the results of the primary so far, demonstrating Hillary’s electoral base.  A base of support that looks very similar at this point in the election to the Republican electoral base.

Blue = Bernie, Red = Hillary.  Pastel red or blue = <5% victory, darker = 5-15% victory, darkest = >15% victory.  Source:  NYT

Another similarity between Hillary and the Republicans she will more than likely be running against this Fall is represented in the meme below which took off earlier this year and that Politifact found to be mostly true.  These are the sum-totals of the top lifetime donors to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  I don’t think there can be a clearer message about how either candidate would prioritize labor and capital as one peruses their donors.

BTW, University of California?  WTH?  Also, the above image was a capture through a Google search.  If anyone is familiar with the source of this campaign finance information please let me know.

I’d also like to mention of a speech given by Bill Clinton which made the rounds on right wing media (see below the fold) and this week in which he said the 8 years of Obama’s presidency represented an “awful legacy”.  I wasn’t able to make it through the entire speech, but what struck me is one of the solutions that Hillary’s husband sees her implementing is creating a one-stop-shop for student loan financing.  He sold this as making life easier for students with crushing student-loan debt.  What I couldn’t help thinking about is how lucrative such a financial vehicle would be for investors.  Just another way for financial institutions to commodify our lives – buy , sell and trade.  And to top it off, he even compares the scheme to home mortgages which seems a little tone-deaf after 2008-9.

And to me, that is the difference that little bird brought into view this week as he or she interrupted Bernie on the importance of an education.  One candidate’s simple view of education and economics – that real government leaders should be in the business of encouraging learning and education AND insuring that hard work actually pays off.

The surrogate for the other candidate – a former President himself – seems to be selling more of the same.  We can succeed if only we put more of our lives into Wall Street’s hands.

In short, I’m with you Birdy Sanders.

Democratic caucuses today in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii.

A Drudge Report screen grab from Monday on Obama’s legacy:

Drudge on Clinton

The link was to this article.


UPDATE:  3/27 headline spelling from Birdy to Birdie (duh) and The Oregonian file a claim with YouTube and had their clip removed.  This was replaced by almost an identical clip by The Sanders campaign.  Not sure how the Oregonisn could have claimed property rights over a one and a half minute clip, but there is no one to challenge them so the link is gone and it won’t be coming back.



7 thoughts on “Birdie Sanders’ Message: Voting Continues!

  1. CAC says:

    That was a great moment, and Bernie’s reaction was priceless. That little bird just loved him!
    Rachel Maddow also played a clip from Portlandia, “Put a bird on it!”

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Great clip. HOJ has had “bird moments” in life. It is symbolism, as if another living entity is “peeping in on humanity in a divine way to corroborate one’s importance to mankind. Sometimes, it feels like a person who passed on previously coming back to check in on the ” good people”.

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    Bernie versus Gary Johnson, those are the two candidates that mean what they say, have a proven track record.

    Bernie must be accurate on “costs to implement policies” where as Johnson needs exposure.

  3. MOLA42 says:

    It might finally happen… A California primary that means something. Never thought I’d see that ever again. Usually it’s all decided by the time this state votes.

    My inner pragmatist and idealist are having a hard debate in what is left of my brain over this one.

    Great clip LJ.

    1. Thanks Mola and Julie

      If I may speak to your inner pragmatist for a moment M4. Why not vote one’s conscience in July AND November? Srlsly. After the convention let’s all fight for the nominee. In the mean time let’s inform the eventual nominee that we care about stuff like trade, living wages, social security, governing, the environment as much or more than the nominee’s campaign contributors. We just don’t have as much to give so we can’t pay them to come to our communities or our homes to give us a pep-talk. They would have to do this on their own dime.

      btw, here is an aggregate of CA’s polling in the Dem primary so you don’t have to type those words yourself if you are curious.

      Happy Easter all!

      1. MOLA42 says:

        I agree LJ. And so I shall vote, probably for Sanders in the Primary, and whomever wins the Democratic Convention in November.

        But I worry that Mr. Sanders will be just another Jimmy Carter. We voted for him as the follow-up on Nixon/Ford because he was the candidate most unlike Nixon. But as much as I love Jimmy Carter as an ex-President… he spent his four years in office pretty much at sea.

        I don’t think Sanders would be as bad as that but there is no way he is going to gain the kind of cooperation from the Republican controlled Senate and House to accomplish a tenth part for which he is campaigning. That’s where my inner-pragmatist rears its ugly head. Clinton is the sort of politician who can push aside what remains of her soul and do deals the Republicans can respect.

        Offensive? Yes, but also true. And the point to this whole process is to run the country; not spend all of our time and energy on the high ground shouting down the opposition planted firmly on their high ground doing the same.

        1. I don’t think Hillary’s position have anything to do with her soul, and yes that is offensive.

          Bernie’s high ground is simply, and this is critical, the ground where policy can be discussed on its merits.

          Not influenced by faux narratives like the nefariousness of liberals ( or conservatives) or by those with special interests that have a back-door … To the table….on the high ground.

          (A triply-mixed metaphor, sorry!)

          I also strongly disagree with you on Jimmy C as a President. That was the beginning of the Republicsn con game and we Democrats/liberals were too divided to do anything about it.

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