Presidential Debate Topics: (shhh…don’t mention social secur…)

I’ve written briefly about the word count graphic before here where I linked to an excellent graphic by the New York Times.

Well Newsweek (yes, apparently it still exists) used similar data to come up with their own Venn diagram version.


Again, this is a helpful reminder of the real differences in what the two parties talk about.  Please don’t be fooled into the mindset that there isn’t a difference between the parties because there is a difference and it is yuuge!

I’d be interested in others opinions, but it’s pretty clear to me that the difference is one party is trying desperately to govern while the other party desperately tries to define themselves and their constituents by explaining how others outside their party, their country or their favored religions are different and dangerous.

But there is something wrong in Democratopia too.  What did you notice is missing?  One thing that has been on my mind from a debate a few weeks ago is a passing moment where Social Security was mentioned.

This to me seems like a very simple, real policy issue that the Democrats can tackle that would emphasize some basic democratic socialism principles that is fueling Bernie’s candidacy while also being a real and achievable political goal – a tact that Hillary has been emphasizing.

Here is the question that the candidates should be asking:  why don’t we removed the cap on the Social Security tax?

If there is one concrete agenda item I’d like Bernie to add to Hillary’s list if her momentum continues it would be removing that cap.

Also, I’d like to recommend Thomas Frank’s new book “Listen Liberal -or- What Ever Happened to the Party of the People”.  Thomas Frank is the author of a seminal political book of my generation “What’s the Matter with Kansas”.


Beyond the obvious and well worn problems of Republicans and money Thomas talks about the pernicious political influence of the professional class.  He makes the case that the Democrats have lost their focus on being the party of the people (the bottom 90%) in large part because of a meritocracy of professionals (included in the top 10%).

Whatever the reason, I think a very good place for Democrats to start to begin to fix the wealth inequality problem that the Republicans created is to start by improving  Social Security by removing what seems to me to be a frustrating tax break only for those with very high incomes.


Via naked capitalism and produced by The Real News Network  back on Jan 16th, 2015…

Removing the Social Security Tax Cap Would Benefit Most Workers


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