One More Chance for Berniementum

If the voters can’t prove the polls wrong today, I don’t see any realistic chance that Bernie has for the nomination and, as such, his very important message becomes diluted by the simple fact that he can’t win.

Democratic voters in Michigan and Mississippi have their primaries and as always we are listening.  Mississippi will likely go the way of it’s neighbors, but Bernie does need to capture Midwestern states if he is to have any hope.  And if his leadership on the realities of international free trade is not what those in the state of Michigan chose to vote for, then Democrats must begin to realize that Hillary will be the voter-approved nominee.

Also, here is the Fox News town hall last night in case you missed it.  Rating:  Not Bad.

I’ve been working on a post on one of the big lies.  Kevin Drum beat me to one of the links I will use, but he addresses this tone-perfect.  As he does and b/c it is such a short post, I’m going to break a rule and post it here verbatim.

Black Voters Are Going to Be Pissed When They Hear About This — By Kevin Drum | Mon Mar. 7, 2016 2:04 PM EST

Well, crap. Dinesh D’Souza has somehow uncovered the secret history of the Democratic Party: Not only were we once the party of slavery, but racism among prominent Democrats continued “well into the 20th century.” Can you imagine? But we’ve been working feverishly for decades to keep our shameful past swept under the rug, so virtually nobody knows this anymore.

Well, some of us knew it. It so happens that I’m part of the inner circle, so I knew it. But the rest of you sheeple didn’t, and that’s the way we intended to keep it. Unfortunately, someone ratted us out. I guess we should have kept D’Souza locked up longer on that bogus campaign finance violation. The foreign oligarchs who have been funding our propaganda efforts are not going to be pleased.



2 thoughts on “One More Chance for Berniementum

  1. Fives says:

    I know many people that were once in the Republican Party, and, then, switched parties. For example, my mom said she was a Republican until she joined the Democratic Party during the time when LBJ was president and signed The Civil Rights Act in 1964. Equal Rights for All inspired her to be a Democrat.

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