Current Map of the 2016 Democratic Primaries

It’s difficult to find this relatively simple and important map online.  From Politico, to 538 to the NYT I couldn’t find it this morning – at least not a comprehensive map of all primaries so far.

Given that all of my Soros funding has dried up, I will create a MacGyver-inspired map from an awesome app called 270 to Win.  This app allows you to create your own maps of the upcoming general election while counting up the electoral votes for you so you can play Karl Rove at home.

I’m going to use this handy app for my present purposes – the Democratic primary so far. Just please ignore the numbers which represent the # of electoral votes each state has which is not directly relevant to what I would like to show.

I’ve of course labeled Hillary in red and Bernie in blue.  Also, there are three shades of red and blue available so the lightest of each represents a victory of less than 5% and the darkest represents a win where 70% of voters voted for the victor.

2016 Democratic Primaries as of March 6th
2016 Democratic Primary as of March 6th. Red = Clinton wins, Blue = Sanders wins. The darker the color, the greater the separation of the winner from loser.  Ignore the numbers pls.

It looks pretty similar to a general election doesn’t it?  At least in terms of the Southern States?  Also notice the gradation as one moves from South to North.  One can’t help but notice not only the geographic differences but given the demographics of the Democratic electorate one can help but notice the racial divide that exists within the Democratic Party – at least in this primary.

I think it’s very important for progressive thinkers and leaders (perhaps Elizabeth Warren in 2024?) to understand this map.  We are not getting our message out in all 50 states and we need to start the indoctrin, excuse me, education, of what the ideas of a Democratic Socialist candidate such as Senator Sanders really means.

But seriously, I’m  not calling for socialistsplaining to African Americans, it would be berniesplaining to the entire Democratic electorate which is largely African American in the South but consists of everyone under the sun.

It may be as simple as this.  Maybe there is a fear of Bernie based on all those hours of Rush and his acolytes whose philosophies of liberal-hating have so much more prominence in the South.

Whatever the reason, we liberals and progressives need to focus on spreading the good word that we are not (all) evilfascistmuslimcommunists and that what we are trying to do is return the country to the prosperity and of the FDR years but this time have the fairer society include all of us – not just white males.

Happy beautiful Sunday Humboldt from an exceptionally beautiful Eureka this am.  Crissy, not all Sunday’s are grey but I’d love to have more of these.


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