48 Years of 12 of the 10 Most Consequencial Public Servants


The following table of Supreme Court Justices by seat was compiled using the following sources:

List of Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States by seat (Wikipedia)

The Potential for the Most Liberal Supreme Court in Decades  (NYT:  The Upshot 2/18/16)

As I am wont to do, I’ve added red and blue to categorize party or a left-center partisanship.  The partisanship of the judges is based on the Martin-Quinn scored used effectively in a couple of graphics in the NYT piece above.

Table One:  US Supreme Court Seat by Year.

Supreme Court



As you can see from this admittedly simplistic chart if Scalia’s seat 9 is occupied by someone appointed by a Democrat who has left-of-center leanings on topics such as corporate power, women’s rights, gun control, and campaign financing then there will be a “fundamental transformation” of our political structure as people like Glenn Beck have been frightening their listeners about ever since President Obama used that phrase.

Scalia’s replacement will more than likely be that 5th left-of-center judge that I’ve not seen during my adult lifetime.   The Republican leadership lead by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell understands that they must pull out all the stops to pander to their evangelical and low-income/wealth Republican voters who have been sold the lie that America as they understand it is the one protected by Justices like Antonin Scalia where money is speech, the 2nd Amendment meant that any US governing agency could not restrict armament ownership, the struggle for civil rights for all citizens is as good as done, workers do not require special protections against their right to organize, marriage is for men and woman only, and state governments have the right to in-effect ban women from seeking abortions.

In short the line on the right will be that we are losing our Judaeo-Christian principles and heritage to the liberal heathens and in these types of struggles, political hardball including abdicating one’s Constitutional duties to an extent never seen in our Country’s history would remain a righteous cause.

One more thing, please note from the graph that the reason we have gotten where we have with a consistently right wing bench is 12 of the last 16 Supreme Court Justices have been nominated by Republican presidents who have had intense pressure since Roe vs. Wade from their religious base to appoint conservative Justices.  An example?  Does anyone remember the outrage from the Right when George W. Bush had the audacity to nominate family friend Harriet Myers that in the end resulted in the President withdrawing his nomination and appointing the very conservative Samuel Alito to the bench?

I am decidedly not a civics expert, but after the President, the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House wouldn’t the most consequential people in government in the US be the Supreme Court justices?



2 thoughts on “48 Years of 12 of the 10 Most Consequencial Public Servants

  1. jtimmons88 says:

    I couldn’t help noticing that Chuck Harvey’s name was very prominent in the 2012 Word Map. Chuck will be sorely missed.

    1. Thank You Julie for the heads up. I did not know Chuck but I do know he was loved by those who did. He was very generous giving quite a bit to the HCDCC. Here is the obituary from today’s TS.

      CHARLES EDWARD HARVEY August 17, 1931 – January 27, 2016 Charles “Chuck” was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Alhambra. He spent a good part of his youth with the extended Harvey family on his grandfather’s Ventura County ranch near Ojai, which he loved and told stories about his entire life. His father, Thaddeus Harvey, was born in Saticoy, Ventura County, and worked as a San Fernando Valley farmer. After the family discovered oil on their cattle land, Thad was an opera singer in Italy in the 1920s (contributing to Chuck’s love of opera and classical music), worked as an extra in Nelson Eddy musicals at MGM during the depression and later he owned an insurance agency until retirement while continuing to teach singing at home. Chuck’s mother, Ruth Crider, was born in Marion, Kentucky, moved to Ventura County as a child, and worked in the home and the insurance agency. Chuck’s brother Craig was born in 1923 and was killed in action in September, 1944 at Wageningen, The Netherlands as he was co-piloting British paratroopers as part of Operation Market-Garden. Chuck’s life was profoundly influenced by the death of his brother and its effects on his family, resulting in a lifelong quest to better understand our relationship to God and each other, and to work for peace. Chuck graduated from Alhambra High School in 1949, after driving his grandparents, Mac and Hattie Harvey, across the country at the age of 16; and from Occidental College in 1953 majoring in philosophy and religion, after having changed from business and economics in his junior year. Chuck ran track and cross country and played football in high school and college. Chuck made many good friends in Alhambra and at Occidental, a number of whom he was in contact with and visited throughout his life, and others whom he reconnected with later in life. Chuck went east in 1953 and graduated from Yale Divinity School in 1956 after studying, as he put it, “existentialist demythologizing”. He then worked as an assistant minister in a church in Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York, where he went on a blind date with Jean Gullion, arranged by her brother Tom who was in the youth group. Chuck and Jean were married in August, 1959, and moved to Perris, California where Chuck was the minister of the Congregational Church. Two children were born while there, John Thaddeus in 1960, and Anne Louise in 1961. During this time, Chuck began taking courses at the nearby University of California, Riverside, which had just opened a graduate program in history. In 1962 he resigned as a minister, returned to school full time, and the family lived in campus graduate student housing until 1966, with Jane Elizabeth arriving in 1964. Chuck accepted a job teaching history at Chico State in 1966, and Brett Nathaniel was born in 1967. Chuck taught history at Chico State until retirement in 1994, specializing in modern American history. His primary research was on the interactions of the Rockefeller family and American churches. During their time in Chico, Chuck supported Jean in her transition from being a professional manuscript typist to developing an interest in small-scale agriculture (dairy goats and later Boer goats for meat) by functioning as the chief farm laborer. He also supported her work building redwood houses in Chico and Fieldbrook, helping set up Chico Bicycle, the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico and later the Mad River Brewery in Blue Lake, and running a hardwood floor construction business with son Brett. After enjoying 29 years and great friendships in Chico, which they kept up through frequent visits, in 1995 Chuck and Jean moved to the home they had built in Fieldbrook (over the hill from McKinleyville) in 1981 with Chuck’s small inheritance from his father and then rented to Humboldt State students. In Fieldbrook they made close friends in the village, and in the greater Humboldt Bay area through their activities in raising livestock, political activities and the Mad River Brewing Company. For 40 years, Chuck loved to walk and to backpack and fish with his children and their friends in the Sierras and Trinity mountains. He introduced his kids to running, road bike riding, coached soccer (having never played) and was an avid weight lifter into his seventies, inviting family, friends and many visitors to work out on his home made equipment. Chuck took many trips helping his kids work on their houses, and was always ready to escape with family or friends on a road trip or to help someone move. Chuck developed a heart murmur around 2008 after contracting a virus while helping a friend move, which eventually developed into congestive heart failure. Jean died suddenly in 2011 while helping Chuck to recover from open heart surgery, after which Chuck lived alternating between Fieldbrook, Fort Bragg with Anne and Jane, Davis with John and Albany with Brett. Chuck died at home in Fort Bragg surrounded by his children and under the care of Mendocino Coast Home Health/Hospice. He is survived by his children and their spouses Rita, Bill, Alex and Deirdre, grandchildren Constance, McConnell, Fiona, Beatrice, Eamonn, Sin‚ad, Santiago and Alexander, and his cousins and extended family in California and Alaska whom he remained in touch with until his death. He cherished his family and his many friendships. The family will be holding an open house memorial in Fieldbrook over the weekend of March 19-20, for which more details will be forthcoming, and would very much like Chuck and Jean’s friends to come by and share memories. Please sign the guestbook at http://www.times-standard.com under obituaries.
      Published in Eureka Times-Standard on Feb. 28, 2016 – See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/times-standard/obituary.aspx?n=charles-edward-harvey&pid=177878115#sthash.4IkueZNV.dpuf

      Here is the word map you amazingly remembered: https://democratichumboldtfirst.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/john-hrabes-word-map-of-hcdcc-donations/

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