24 Days. It’s Not Too Late To Change Humboldt…

March 3rd is the filing deadline for candidates state wide for the June 7th primary election.

Humboldt County DemocratsI can here you now, “I’m not a candidate, why should I care?”.  Well, you should be a candidate.  Especially if you, like me, are listening to the Democratic debates and feeling like we can continue important progress President Obama has made not only nationally, but locally.  Hillary or Bernie will need us on board if we are to return to a county powered again by people, not money.

The local Democrats, organized as the HCDCC or Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee elects its members every four years and it’s being done in this presidential year primary.

We need you, especially if you happen to believe in things like our common future and sustaining what is best about ourselves, our county and our world into the future.

What it would cost?  A monthly meeting and as much time volunteering as you have depending on your interests and how much time you have available.  A four year commitment.

What could you gain? There is an infinite opportunity for those interested to learn:  from rubbing elbows with local elected officials, to understanding campaign finance laws, to parliamentary procedure, to how to find candidates (including yourself?) and help them get elected.

Are you interested?  The deadline is March 3rd and we definitely need your help.   I realize all to well the trend is for people to denigrate partisan politics and our two national parties.  However, I challenge any one to come up with a more effective way to leverage what one person can do to change the world outside of their daily occupation and hobbies.

If you are not ready to commit to 4 years yet, come to a meeting periodically and get to know  a little those currently carrying the torch for local left-of-center politics.  We meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you are ready to commit, and (again) we need YOU *points finger*, please visit the HCDCC main page where we have outlined the relatively simple way you can get yourself on the Humboldt County ballot this June.  This is also re-published below.

If you have any questions, our office number is (707) 445-3366.  I’m also happy to answer any questions or concerns in the comment section

From the HCDCC website:

Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee
Elected Membership

All Democrats registered to vote in Humboldt County are eligible to become elected Members of the Democratic Central Committee.

Those interested, including current Members of the Central Committee, must file papers with the Elections & Voter Registration office.

It is important that all potential candidates for the Central Committee understand the time and financial responsibility of becoming Members. A good place to begin deciding if this Committee is for you, is to read the By-Laws.

Filing Instructions

Take out candidate papers at the Elections & Voter Registration office beginning January 4th.

3033 H St.
Room 20
Eureka, CA 95501

To qualify one must have 20 (twenty) verified signatures. The Committee strongly encourages you to submit 25 (twenty-five) signatures as a precaution in case some of your signatures are not verified. (Experienced Members have turned in as many as 30 (thirty) signatures. The Elections Office stops checking when they get to 20 (twenty) valid signatures.)

Signatures must be of registered Democrats living in the same Supervisorial District as you do.

Turn in the signatures by March 11. We recommend turning in the names early in case any of your signatures aren’t valid for your District and you need to collect more. (Additionally, the Elections office strongly encourages your to turn in your names early so they can verify them in a timely manner.)

If the same number, or fewer, candidates for your district are qualified, you will be elected as your candidacy is uncontested.

If more than the legally allowed number of candidates for your district submit qualified signatures, you will be on the ballot in your District for the June Primary election.

Number of legally allowed Members per District:

  • District One – 4
  • District Two – 4
  • District Three – 5
  • District Four – 4
  • District Five – 4

Please contact Committee Chair or Vice-Chair if you have any questions.

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