Trump Coming Home to Roost

I thought I’d be writing today about how the voters proved the whole Trump phenomena was a media-driven charade.

But the Republican voters in New Hampshire proved otherwise.  Donald Trump beat expectations and won the New Hampshire primary yesterday in a landslide (approximately 35% with Kasich a distant second with 16%).

What strikes me is the first reaction from conservative radio host Bill Bennett early this morning.

Let me tell you something very subtle that Trump is doing….It’s always about them and us and it’s always about I’m going to do for Americans.  The villains in Donald Trumps’ piece are other people, people from other places, Chinese, Japanese, Mexico Middle East, and it is Americans that are the victims.  If you think about the enemies, the people you should hate or you should not trust, they are people from other places.

– Bill Bennett 2/10/16

This is a hint to me that Bill and others do get what they are doing.   They can see in others what they themselves do, whether it is to Muslims, immigrants or the rats in the Democrat Party.

(Bill Bennett among many other conservative politicians and pundits have a tick where they will not say “Democratic” as in Democratic Party, it’s always the Democrat Party.  Always.)

In his next sentence, he rightfully points out that the left does this too and our “enemies” are the rich, the one percent etc.  And where that is true for us on the left, we have to change, but this is not two sides of the same coin.

The results of Republican policies will inevitably be more torture, less health care for immigrants who come here to do the work we won’t, and war of attrition against this or that antagonist.  This is the world of the Donald Trump’s voter.  At worst we call bankers “banksters”.  Where we on the left use words like “enemy”, we shouldn’t because our policies understand we need all of us to solve our problems to the high standards we as a people insist upon.

People as far flung as Glenn Beck and much of the Republican Party establishment understand the darkness that votes for Donald Trump represent.  That same darkness does not exist in fellow anti-establishment candidate Bernie Sanders.  It simply doesn’t, and I hope we can have an honest discussion about these differences instead of lumping both together as different sides of the same anti-establishment coin.

For 30 years a successful right-wing media business model  has told a segment of American willing to listen that liberals, progressives, community organizers, feminists, immigrants, activists telling us black lives matter, etc. are either the enemy or somehow a little less than American.  Therefore the opinions, the justice served, and ultimately the lives of the myriad of others shouldn’t count as much.  The absurdity that is candidate Trump is a direct result of those millions of hours of populist right-wing media.

It’s clear from the statement above that Bill Bennett understands how it is done.  What I wonder is if he understands that he does the same thing?  Does he realize that his rhetoric over the years has lead directly to 34% of New Hampshire voters voting for Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President of the United States?

Remember this?

If you listen to right-wing radio like I do, you certainly do.

Jeremiah Wright: America’s Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

Credit Where its Due:

Kudos to Michelle Maulkin’s Twitchy for calling out Ted Nugent on his recent overtly anti-Semitic Facebook post in favor of gun control.  Thank you.


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