Don’t Miss this Democratic Debate

This was a great debate between two candidates, either one of whom will be a great President.  Despite all odds given the exigencies of commercial media and a public that has learned to desire infotainment, they discuss the ideas we are all fighting to return to a better America.  An FDR America with a once strong middle class which changed and continues to change the world we live in.

Please don’t miss it.  I hope to watch it again and next time take notes.

The above is part one of seven.  Click on the upper right corner just before each video ends to move along.

Don’t listen to what the media headlines say (or miss).  Make your own mind up.  Both candidates did well and were asked important and substantial questions by Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd of MSNBC.


From Drudge…


From the blurb in the NYT headline link to their article:

In a caustic debate, Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders traded attacks and put their own spin on the word “progressive.”

– Jonathan Martin and Patrick Healy in the NYT

I don’t think it was caustic.  It was substantial with both candidates respectful of one another and often agreeing with one another.  Generally the rebutals were, “I agree with most of what ___ said but differ in this respect.”


4 thoughts on “Don’t Miss this Democratic Debate

  1. Fives says:

    I don’t think it was caustic either. I will be happy with either candidate to be the next POTUS. It was an enjoyable debate.

  2. Mitch says:

    Thanks for this reminder, Jon. I watched the whole thing this morning. I feel like the Democrats are offering two decent candidates — a nice moderate pre-Reagan Republican and a great liberal Democrat.

    What a shame that there are people in the country who would vote for a Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Huckabee, etc… over one of these two excellent choices.

    1. Thanks Mitch. There are reasons they do. We just have to keep explaining why it’s wrong and counter productive for them to. I mean except for those who are doing just fine and are not worried about others needing any help outside of what their religious denominations can or should be able to provide.

      Here is another way of explaining the right wing and some left-of-center voters…

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