I Heart Iowa

I don’t think I’ll ever view the Iowa caucuses the same way again.  The view I had, and this is still true-ish, is that Iowa does what it can to be contrarian, contrarian with an evangelical flourish on the right side of the aisle.

But there is more to the Iowa caucuses and the people who partake in them.  People can make a difference in Iowa.  If those of us in states that count it’s people by the 10’s of millions have lost the fundamental nature of democracy;  those in Iowa, at least in late winter every 4th year understand that leaders can be selected by the people instead of by business or polling agencies or political pundits.

And yesterday, Iowa kicked off the people’s choice for President with the following results:

  1.  A big blank-you to the invisible primary and the faux-fear over the word “socialist” or more appropriately democratic socialist.  The results between Hillary and Bernie will be less than 0.5%.  This when Hillary had an overwhelming command of the invisible primary.
  2. Iowa put Trump and his media-enablers in their place.  Despite the best predictions (or was it aspirations?) of pollsters Trump came in the middle of the pack of 3 GOP contenders.
  3. Despite the odds and the shouting from the far right, Iowa brought forward Senator Rubio who will now likely be the GOP nominee.  I think he will be a formidable opponent to the Democratic nominee and although he still will represent the far-right political ideology of our current conservative culture he is no Trump and he is no Cruz.  Given, Iowa did give the most delegates to Cruz, but that’s Iowa being it’s contrarian/evangelical self.
  4. Two out of three top GOP winners are Hispanic and the Democratic winner is a woman.  Identity does matter, especially as we began this nation in writing for white male property owners.  The law has changed over the years, but  it’s still refreshing nice to see this change for reals, even if those caucuses will inevitably be largely white.
  5. Thank you for helping the also-rans end (or begin to end) their self-aggrandizing runs for President.
  6. Apparently Senator Cruz did not pander on ethanol, yet the conservative voters put him at the top.  Huzzah!
  7. Record-setting caucus participation.  Way to go Iowa, see you again in 2024.

One thought on “I Heart Iowa

  1. Fives says:

    There will be Iowa caucuses in 2020. I agree it was fun to watch. And nice to see less wind in Trump’s sails. I will be happy with either Sanders or Clinton. 🤓

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