TS Letter from Tireless Houseless Advocate Nezzie Wade

What would Humboldt and Eureka look like without Nezzie Wade?  *shivers*

Dear editor, Eureka, and Humboldt County residents

At Tuesday’s Eureka City Council meeting, we took a big step forward on homeless housing solutions in Eureka: A shelter crisis was declared. A resolution submitted by Linda Atkins at the Jan. 5 City Council meeting was gutted and a new draft was introduced by the city attorney. It was thoroughly discussed and amended into the Eureka resolution to declare a shelter crisis. Based on Councilwoman Atkins’ appropriate amendments, supported by Councilwomen Arroyo and Bergel, the resolution passed. Watch it on Public Access, it will show you how the hard work of AHHA, advocacy groups and individuals proved to be key in a Shelter Crisis Declaration as a pathway to safe, legal places for Eureka’s houseless to be. AHHA is grateful to our City Council and encouraged by their courage and integrity.

AHHA encourages attending the meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Eureka City Council, and Focus Strategies on Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 1:30 p.m. in the Supervisors’ Chambers. Focus Strategies will present their homeless housing inventory results and a Housing First implementation plan. Attending will assure that “housing first” includes immediate housing solutions (sanctuary camps, tiny house villages, safe parking programs) while people wait for permanent housing. Eureka won’t consider options unless they are integrated with the Focus Strategies Implementation Plan.

AHHA Safe Parking and Sanctuary Camping Proposals will be discussed at the AHHA General Assembly on Saturday Feb. 6 at Jefferson School, 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Join us and share your input.

Nezzie Wade, president, Board of Directors, Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives, Inc. (AHHA)

Thank you Nezzie for all your hard work in our community to include AHHA.  Thank you TS (buy a paper or subscribe online).

I hope many of you can make it Saturday Feb 6th.  (one more letter to the editor below the fold)

Also in the TS today, Jennifer Greene makes a point many of us  know and understand.


Supes who live in pot country shouldn’t vote

Reading the article “Board Tweaks Pot Ordinance” (Times-Standard, Jan. 12, Page A1), I have to ask how it is possible that Estelle Fennell does not have to recuse herself from any and all votes having to do with growing marijuana? Am I the only one who can see the emperor has no clothes? As she lives in a valley made up relatively exclusively of growers, it seems that in itself is a conflict.

Jennifer Green, McKinleyville

Where are Bill Bertain and Leo Sears when we need them?


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