Changing Opinions on Senator Sanders

It looks like this season of choosing for both Democrats and Republicans will highlight differences even amongst those more likely to agree than disagree.

I’m finding that since the last debate, especially on health care but now on the potential of the candidacy of Senator Sanders I’m having to disagree with … Paul Krugman???

This is how he ends his column today.

“Sorry, but there’s nothing noble about seeing your values defeated because you preferred happy dreams to hard thinking about means and ends. Don’t let idealism veer into destructive self-indulgence.”

And here is, in full, a comment from allseriousnessaside which really nails it.


“And the question Sanders supporters should ask is, When has their theory of change ever worked?”

Dr. Krugman, it is right before your very eyes. In a matter of a few election cycles, the Tea Party has fundamentally changed politics as you knew it. And you might also remember Dr. King’s March on Washington, if not the Suffrage and Temperance movements).

If you think that Congress won’t cooperate with Sanders, how many investigations will be started in the first 100 days of a Hillary Clinton administration?  How much cooperation with Congress do you think she will get. I believe I can answer the question. Zero.

Now it’s the progressives’ turn, and Sanders is the authentic, consistent messenger to “take back” our government from those who have demonstrated they have come to Washington to destroy it. 

Our country doesn’t have to be mired in ignorance, hate and chest-beating. Oligarchs don’t have to rule. We can have sensible health care. We can have a banking system that is not out of control. We can end the legalized bribery that is politics today.

The young voters Sanders is bringing into the political calculus are exactly those who will elect the leaders who, eventually, will bring that about.

As forward-thinking as you are, Dr. Krugman, on financial issues, you are proving to be, like Hillary, an “old-fashioned pol.” Obama didn’t choose incrementalism so much as it chose him. It’s time to fight for what we believe in, not for what we think Republicans will give us.



Exactly.  Thank you.

Other commenters focused on how Bernie navigates governing as much as any other man or woman.  This is not about self-indulgence of ideals.  In a word, it’s about authenticity.  It’s critical and authenticity will be what we need above all from a politician as we change our country back to where we (and the rest of the world) deserve us to be.


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