North Coast Co-op Board of Directors Election Ends Tonight – at 5 pm

I’m not a mail reader so I missed this until running into the display in Eureka.  On that display I discovered one of dHF!’s original six readers Mary Ella Anderson AND Humboldt commenter extraordinaire Mitch!

That connection got me to thinking.  What a great opportunity to connect the liberal idea of natural food and sustainable individual living with sustainable societal living.

There is a huge disconnect here and this is demonstrated by the fact we at the Co-op don’t pay our workers a living wage and the Co-op as an institution was not behind increasing Eureka’s workers closer to a living wage this past November.

Most of the candidate’s statements are more about their individual backgrounds than wage politics.  My question for incumbent Kate Lancaster who wrote “I know the Co-op must be financially viable…” is isn’t a living wage critical to sustainability?  As far as I’m concerned as a Co-op shopper and member – anything else should not be an option if we are committed to social sustainability.

If you are interested, voting ends tonight at 5 pm.  Visit your local Co-op for more.


3 thoughts on “North Coast Co-op Board of Directors Election Ends Tonight – at 5 pm

  1. jtimmons88 says:

    I don’t shop at the Co-op and haven’t been a member for years and you have put your finger on the reason. They are not an exemplary employer. and do not have a Union contract. I shop at Safeway, which does, and I’m sure I save money over shopping at the Co-Op.

  2. This is a non-sequitur comment from another thread you can find here.

    MOLA: Thank you for your real concern and I do feel an obligation to take this to heart b/c we are fighting for the same thing and you are a good anonymous internet friend.

    But this is a tough business and we are all learning on the fly here.

    The reason I wanted to bring up Arcatan’s quote is I was re-reading the comment zones of the two AFSCME threads and re-discovered Arcatan’s comment. What I don’t see that you addressed is that Arcatan brought up the exact same lie that THC did. He or she has never re-canted yet they would then like to focus on my inability write in a way that will change their mind. It doesn’t make sense and I think that specifically needed to be called out. Also, Arcatan seemed to be just fine with THC’s writing during the original post, which if you go back to it, is deeply offensive.

    MOLA. You and Julie are the only two long-time local people I know up hear. Almost everyone in the HCDCC are transplants. I take what you say very seriously b/c not only do we largely agree, but you know the Humboldt people and it’s power structure innately.

    Thank you for your real concern and I feel I do have a responsibility to live up to your expectations. Please forgive me as I inevitably will come up short.

    I think anger is a legitimate response to the types of politics and policies we are subjective to in Humboldt, CA and the US. Those long sentences and paragraphs many with many repeated links are my way of deflating the partisanship and trying to make this about policies and ideas rather than name-calling.

    It’s a lot easier to have short cuts with known bad players – and I too use those sometimes. But I’m doing the best I can balancing frustration, increasingly limited time, broad interests, limited writing skills (and close to no editing skills) with something in politics that I can see that seems to be lost on many.

    The reason I do see things from a different perspective? No special abilities or talents. Simply because I have put a great deal of time in my life trying to answer the question – is my politics an accident of birth either to a particular set of parents or a particular location? I now believe political affiliation is largely random based on birth, but I also happened to be born on the side that has a lot of work to do if we are going to continue making this world a better place for a continually increasing percentage of people while avoiding the pitfalls of externalizing problems as humankind has a wont to do.

    Future apologies MOLA and if you know a good editor who is willing to work for peanuts let me know!

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