Breaking . . .The Civil War Was Fought Over Slavery!

In politics, the Civil War is still with us. It was with us during the Cold War and it was with us through the culture wars.

Here are a couple of particularly timely examples from today.

a) #blacklivesmatter.  No, not #alllivesmatter until we include black lives too.

b) Perhaps this is less about the Civil War specifically and more about wars generally, but one of the first info-graphics in this important history reminder was this..

Why the Controversy?

Many people don’t want to believe that the citizens of the southern states were willing to fight and die to preserve a morally repugnant institution.

Morally repugnant institution aside, listening to KINS’s Bill Bennett this morning there was what was a moving phone call advocating against the Iran nuclear deal from an Iraq War veteran who was arguing that one of the reasons we don’t want a nuclear pact with Iran was so his comrade, and our soldier, did not die in vain.

That, while moving and tragic is simply wrong.  That is the lost-cause mentality and future soldiers would love it if we stop the killing now if at all possible.

And it is possible, even probable with strong leadership like that demonstrated by President Obama who understands this region perhaps better than any other President before him.

Caveat: Even thought this video is via the Daily Kos it was produced by right-wing radio smooth-talker Dennis Prager and his “University” of you-tube videos, this is via Daily Kos.


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