Generations of Democrats Will Continue to Learn from 1968

Egberto’s Image. Click on it to navigate to the article. “Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders is a fight for the soul of the Democratic Party that must happen”

We can fight for Democratic ideals and we can be smart enough to make sure our differences will not result in the absolute worse result – control returned to those who fundamentally don’t believe in governing.

Between now and when the national candidates and their supports rally behind a single candidate we will be fighting for the soul of the only party remaining that is willing to take on reality and the challenges it presents.

Egberto Willies of DailyKos wrote a thoughtful and, it seems to me, relatively fair reminder to Democrats and others left-of-center on what lies ahead in 2015 and 2016 as we chose not only the next leader of the free world but also all those down ticket.

Those on the right have thrown in the towel on governing for all and depend on pet issues and memes to hide their true agenda – fighting for the rights of those already powerful.  They do it by a faux-populism fueled by infotainment and specialty-advertising – not to mention the wealth of an incredibly tiny percentage of Americans.

This campaign season, our task as Democrats and people who care on the left-of-center will continue to come down to these simple words with which Egberto ends his essay…

It is time for Democrats to first build a base by widespread community engagement and identifying the different needs of all communities, needs that are not just economic. Democrats must then choose a direction based on all the the needs of the various communities. That direction will identify who makes the best candidate. That best candidate will win irrespective of money if the electorate is engaged for a change.

We need to engage the electorate and help them to see through the paradoxical veneer of individual optimism and/or hopelessness that seems to be behind the draw of the right wing demagogues and the politicians that depend on them.

Hillary and Bernie supporters, if you have the time please read Egberto’s piece and I’ll see you out on the campaign trail.  Fighting money is an uphill battle, but we have time and people on our side and as Democracy depends on people pulling the lever, we do have a built in advantage if we are willing to work for it.


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