Dear Fox News Viewer… The ACA (aka ObamaCare) Continues to Work

OK, this is fourth hand (on Liberal Humboldt via Kevin Drum via Andrew Sprung via Covered California) but here is the distilled wisdom.  It looks like we will have decreased increases in insurance rates and some of the reasons California is better off than other states include…

Now, California isn’t necessarily a bellwether for all the other states. Because it’s the biggest state in the union, it has lots of competition that helps drive down prices. A big population also means less variability from year to year. Also: California’s program is pretty well run, and the California insurance market is fairly tightly regulated. All this adds up to a good deal for consumers.

-Kevin Drum @ Mother Jones.

For those of you interested in the numbers (like any EW’s (eeeeww’s) or health-care shoppers who might be reading this) check out Andrew Sprung’s analysis.  He goes into the Silver vs Bronze Plans and Cost Savings Reductions (CSR).  It’s informative and fascinating and is an important waypoint in our attempts to manage out of control healthcare costs.  Here is an example…

For many low-income buyers, silver plan premiums are a hard swallow, and cheaper bronze plans, with their sky-high deductibles, are a serious temptation. But those with incomes under 201% FPL are leaving a really valuable benefit on the table if they fail to access CSR (for those at 200-250% FPL, CSR is much weaker and so more rational to forego).

– Andrew Sprung @ xpostfactoid

Finally, despite Republicans throwing everything at us to include the kitchen sink (King v Burwell), it looks like we will be able to prove again that sometimes the more government the more better.  (Universal health care anyone?)

If only conservatives and Republicans could take a breath, they might be able to appreciate that in part this was originally their idea (Obama’s ACA was based in part on Romney’s MassachusettsCare which was based in part on a Heritage Foundation plan which was a reaction to HillaryCare in the early nineties).  But they won’t and they can’t because it goes against their raison d-etre –  money belongs in the private sector where it can more easily line their pockets.

Today’s post sponsored in part by …. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

My name is Jon Yalcinkaya.  I happen to be an eewww (EW) (Eligibility Worker) with Humboldt’s DHHS.  I love my work and my union-supported job.  The opinions here happen to be my own and no one else’s (including DHHS management).

BTW: FPL = Federal Poverty Level.  200% FPL is ~ $23,500 for a single person.


2 thoughts on “Dear Fox News Viewer… The ACA (aka ObamaCare) Continues to Work

  1. sky hammer says:

    Osama Care just plain sucks in every way, plus it costs me much more.
    I had a health plan since 1980 that I was very happy with. I had a 1 time yearly deductible of $250 and a total maximum out of pocket cost of $1600.It cost me $8000/year.
    Well, Osama didn’t like my plan and it was canceled. It seems I have to have an Osama Care compliant plan. This means I must pay for coverage I either don’t want or can’t use and I have to pay much more for the privilege.
    My new plan(which is also being canceled at the end of this year as Aetna is leaving Calif.), Cost me $12,000/year(Gold plan, not a Covered Ca. plan), While this plan has a $0 deductible, I have to pay 25% coinsurance, and have a max in network out of pocket cost of $6,350 and an out network out of pocket cost of $10,000. I didn’t get penalized with my old plan for being out of network and my new Osama care plan can cost more than 5 times in out of pocket expenses and I must pay $4000/year for this.
    Now I must pay for coverage for children I don’t have and for birth control and a host of other things I cant use.
    Bottom Line, thanks to Osama I must now pay much more for much less.
    Osama Care may be a good deal for the useless, worthless and hopeless, but because I am neither of those and make a good living and don’t qualify for subsidizes I get screwed.

    1. FYI, The President’s first name is Obama. Also, his middle name is Hussein.

      I know right? How awesome.

      So, just for the record, what should happen to the “useless, worthless”* in your estimation? Do you not think we have a responsibility to each other?

      * I believe use of these words in this context is useless, worthless. I also believe that a political ideology that sees others as useless, worthless is hopeless.

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