The F Word?

Change in format this morning.  A question for the 7 of you.

In your opinion, what is the  most important word or concept for Americans?

At least rhetorically and therefore the one that is at the basis of the politics of both parties.

I think I’m headed somewhere with this.


4 thoughts on “The F Word?

  1. Now that i see ‘freedom’ – hard to keep thinking of another one.. Re rhetoric for both parties, FDR’s rhetoric re ‘four freedoms’, as above, vs somehing like ‘freedom to bear arms.’ Another f = the Female vote but i dont think that’s what you mean! Also.. Fearless in standing up for what’s right, also. Ok i’ll stop now, that was Fun.

  2. I agree, “freedom”. But “funding” is good too. Freedom is the meme or rhetoric to gain leverage in arguments about funding?

    And both Julie and Mom you nailed what I was thinking about, FDR’s four freedoms.

    Female vote, appropriate for this and next year especially. Fearless. Fun!

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