“The ACA Is Here To Stay”

ACA is here to stay

What a relief.  This was a joke of a lawsuit and it showed in the results thanks to Chief Justice Roberts and swing-vote Justice Kennedy.

From the DailyKos

This decision is frankly, as good as could be hoped for progressives. There was no expansion of any federalism doctrine. In addition, by rejecting Chevron deference, the court has closed the book on interpretation of this provision of ACA. No future GOP Administration can reopen the question.

The dissent is from the usual suspects, Scalia, Alito and Thomas.

From the New York Times

The 6-to-3 ruling means that it is all but certain that the Affordable Care Act will survive after Mr. Obama leaves office in 2017, and has a greater chance of becoming an enduring part of America’s social safety net.

Look, the ACA isn’t the ultimate healthcare solution, but it is an important step in the right direction.  It has dramatically improved access to health care and begins to level the once exponential rise in health spending – both by the government and Americans generally.   It’s also the first major initiative the left has had since … (I’m thinking)…

The ACA also is the first time in a while we’ve attempted to mend a glaring hole in our social safety net.  It’s done by a government initiative which, if smart, we on the left can use to again prove to the anti-tax, anti-government right that together we can do lots of stuff that makes things gooder.


One thought on ““The ACA Is Here To Stay”

  1. Dying breed says:

    We will have to see once they actually institute the whole law. For some reason The president keeps delaying like 30 part of law. Most the parts that would make the unions pay there way. Somehow the unions keep getting delays in there part to contribute. Remember cadillac tax and such.Protecting the 1%ers. With Oregon ans Hawaii and a few other closing there exchanges because the cost was going to sink there states. we havnt even seen obamacare yet. So yes it is here atleast till election. If your Policies have went through the roof and you max pay out/deductible has trippled because of obamacare, or if your 40 hr week has been cut to 29 hrs.Then 2016 is probably your last chance to stop the debacle. Do you really think it is cheaper then just paying the E.R visits of the uninsured? Obamacare prevents them form canceling for pre existing,but it also allows them to charge you what ever they want to cover it. No price reform was put in law.The real numbers are out there to be seen if you really want them.Not the 100 million signed up ,oh sorry we double some only 70 million signed up for obamacare(medicaid) numbers. time will tell. But hey it was a good plan, when you know you would never get the votes for single payer, the next best thing is to crash market so Feds can step in and take over healthcare system thus making it single payer.The two biggest providers are merging,thus making it easy for the socialist plan. Brilliant plan really.Remember finacial crash yeah you get the picture. One last chance to stop it, if you so want to.2016 election. The only ones without it are the working poor. Make just enough to take care of self but to much to pay premiums.

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