Humboldt and Weed Inc. Above the Fold in the SF Chronicle Today

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A lot there including…

  • our own Hezekiah Allen as a “third-generation cannabis farmer” (did not know this – he has represented himself as a “consultant”.)
  • Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom using his liberal cred saying this is about making changes to avoid a corporate takeover

“Corporate interests would rewrite the state’s rules “and they will try to write you out,” Newsom told a crowd of 200 at a public forum in Garberville during his late May trip. “We cannot let that happen.”


CCVH isabout a corporate takeover.  It’s about money in the form of Weed Inc. finding it’s way to power.  It’s what changed our local land use document – one that was all but finalized by democratically elected officials and then changed when Weed Inc. and other powerful allies did not like the results.

This is Weed Inc. getting the ear of liberal (ish) leaders and finding a way to write laws to institutionalize a product with very real and explicit primary and secondary effects on our society.

Politicians, even Democrats, are dependent on money and there is a bunch of money in weed.

I don’t see how this works for the benefit of the public generally, unless the costs are properly taxed.  Who knows, if properly taxed, where there is enough money left over after the increased enforcement needed for regulation and enforcement for things like providing increased schooling for children of growers, increased roads and services for the transportation and water necessary for growers, increased monitoring of back-country rivers for sedimentation and pesticide usage for growers, and all the increased second hand effects related to Weed which regular walks around Cooper’s Gulch here in Eureka should help you to comprehend.

But given the current context of our political discussion where libertarianism is our society’s default utopia we know our weakly liberal leaders from the Northcoast will not have the ability to put in the necessary teeth or tax rates that this product will require to make up for what it will cost our society.

If you have any doubt, just look at what the context of Eureka’s budget.  It’s where we are headed.  No taxes as those with money are find with Reagan era marginal tax rates and an economy based on a mind-altering drug.  This does not end well – especially if one is concerned about, say, trees, salmon, our climate, things other than how bills will be paid this week and if we can walk to the market without confronting decline, poverty or violence.

Democratic leaders, you seem to be heading on the wrong direction on this important topic.  Representatives of Senator McGuire, Assemblyman Wood and Congressman Huffman, enjoy yourself at the Humboldt Democrat’s Chicken by the Sea Today.  Just know that what Humboldt needs from you is leadership and sometimes doing the right thing isn’t always following what your constituents with the most money and/or those who have found a way to bend your ear are telling you.  Sometimes, its others – here is one.  This is from local hero (and Democrat) who has given more than any parent ever should be asked – Richard Leamon.  This is his full letter from the editor from one of the Time-Standards last week

Children must be protected from pot

I attended the Garberbille marijuana meeting last Friday. Many of our elected officials were there after having attended a closed meeting in the morning. The afternoon was an open meeting for the public, and the room was completely full. Our congressman, Jared Huffman, opened a public microphone and many growers began to make statements and give their views. After about 10 speakers in favor of marijuana, I was able to express concern about how children would be protected. We know some high school and middle school students smoke marijuana. We know that “edibles” in the form of brownies and other sweet treats are sometimes consumed by small children.

Our schools no longer have drug programs because the money went away. Police officers used to be trained in drug education, but not anymore. Our Fortuna High School used to have a drug counselor, but when money became tight, that position was eliminated. Often, our children only know what they hear from their friends.

California has a population of almost 39 million people and a large part are children under the age of 21. We must protect our youngest and most vulnerable citizens who are not mature enough to handle the effects of marijuana. Protecting our children from harmful effects of marijuana must be actively and directly faced. I live in Fortuna and hope we can have a public forum on this issue.

–           Richard Leamon, Fortuna


7 thoughts on “Humboldt and Weed Inc. Above the Fold in the SF Chronicle Today

  1. Whatever says:

    What you are forgetting is that most of the democratic base doesn’t pay most the tax’s and doesn’t care what there cost on society is. I don’t understand what you mean comparing Cooper Gulch to growers? Its more like, look at Southern Humboldt Community Park, that’s something growers contributed too. Don’t think the meth heads and low lifes / drunks / drug addicts are a representation of the “growers” community. What’s with all this talk of democracy, if you ask me people in these community’s have been majority looked over and disenfranchised from the political system the biggest of them locally is growers. Do you really think the democrat position of prohibition and enforced regulation is really going to work. Hello wake up out of your theorized dream state. In the real world the peoples are who are actually in control. i think this is a positive step that government is finally giving in and realizing they cant just stamp out growers with there authoritarian police state. Welcome to the future, The only way to go forward is to work with the grower community to make common sense regulations that are simple and low burdensome so the majority of the grows can come out of the grey area. This is the only common sense solution that address the black market and works to legitimize them. The majority of the grows about 80% are 99 plants or less and could be brought into regulation as long as the rules were simple and not over burdensome. This leaves the 20% left for law enforcement to go after making it an easier game for them and giving the legitimate growers the right to grow.

    1. That’s what the Weed Inc. apologists (ie Kym Kemp) do Whatever, they ignore Cooper’s Gulch and they focus on _____. Thing is, Weed Inc. doesn’t only consists of mom and pop with their medical mj plant grown with no petroleum, collected rain water and surrounded by old growth.

      Weed Inc. is the whole package and they have grown to where they are with a libertarian sense of entitlement. My responsibility ends at my property line. I’m good, I’ve helped to grow the SHCP. The problems – look at the meth heads and the “trespass” growers. That’s where the problem lies.

      Wrong Whatever, we are one community, one nation, and even one globe and right now those with money or those who know how to make it if the laws are just right and government gets out of the way are the ones large and in charge and they are not paying attention.

      They are too focused on their 99 plants or less and how it can better alter our mind and spirit while padding their family’s pocketbook.


      “Welcome to the future, The only way to go forward is to work with the grower community to make common sense regulations that are simple and low burdensome so the majority of the grows can come out of the grey area. This is the only common sense solution that address the black market and works to legitimize them.”

      This seems to me to be coercion. It’s what all the Democratic leaders mentioned in the post above have to ignore to get the laws past. Do it our way or you won’t get paid – oh – and we’ll move inside and use even more energy.

      That’s the ironic thing – it’s the spiritual descendents of the hippies with the gun to Mother Earth’s head.

  2. “CCVH is about a Corporate takeover.” Where do you come up with this? We are a registered Non-Profit Social Welfare organization with the Secretary of State. Your anger of all things cannabis is confusing.

    1. OK “corporate” may not be precise, but I’d argue “social welfare”? At least I haven’t registered my (current) overreach.

      Corporate is shorthand for Weed Inc. It’s where the money is. You know about this even if you can’t admit it to yourself or others.

      This plant makes money and conservatives get this. Read whatever’s response. It starts with “most of the democratic base doesn’t pay most the tax’s and doesn’t care what there cost on society is”.

      Except for the grammatical errors, this could be Michael Medved or Rush Limbaugh. Look around at your supporters and you may see a little green (as in party) but a great deal of deep red (as in libertarian-right).

      I’m sorry the anger is confusing Richard, but my anger is rooted in the experience of having Supervisor Fennell, who is clearly as tied to Weed Inc. as Hezekiah was – if not by generations, then by lifestyle, friends etc work with the county’s most conservative politician to gut the guiding principles of the General Plan. A document that will last the next 25 to 35 years.

      I know, “no biggie, get over it, it’s what the people want”. But codes, laws, regulations, tax systems and their enforcement make a difference and our political system is letting us down. It would be one thing if this was Republicans doing this, but it’s not. It’s us, it’s Democrats. Democrats who feel it’s their job to be Republicans apparently since there are no Republicans.

      That’s why I’m angry.

  3. Zoltan says:

    Meth is associative,in forms around it.around me swirls kid gangs,giant,making knuckles of battery lead.metamorphizes to addicted girl prostitution,very disaplined,and fun.but for people from USA,or at least who’ve lived there can’t see it,you can’t see it,haven’t left your cage.agents and narcs seem to glow down can’t see what you can’t see.

  4. Thomas Edrington says:


    “Corporate takeover?” You do realize as a registered PAC and non-profit, CCVH’S donor list is open to the public as are their board meetings. Where exactly is it you get your information that you’re so certain of as to air it in public? Mine, you see, comes from their actual documents filed with the state, which record actual information, rather than guesswork and hysteria. And my information clearly lists the name of hundreds of local small donors and small businesses from across Humboldt, and not one single giant from Big Canna. So explain yourself.

    Stepping out by the hundreds and demanding a chance to pay taxes and have real regulations to follow seems like a “just my patch” mentality to you? Creating, in less that a year, a local movement that has changed the political conversation on Humboldt and the state isn’t community building?

    Which tenets of CCVH ring as libertarian to you? The part where growers want to pay taxes? Not exactly the libertarian agenda. Perhaps the part where they’d like the opportunity to get permitted by the ag department . . . Wait, that’ not right. Funding enforcement for trespass grows? Well, the Democrats don’t do it, so it must be libertarian, right?

    You’ve lived for far to long in the propogandist’s utopia of the big bad grower casting dark shadow a into Humboldt. It has made you into a clown in their puppet show, unable to break your narrow paradigm for fear of uncovering how wrong you’ve been for years.

    The least you could do is some research before you spout off in public, though. Other people occasionally think you know what you’re talking about, and you owe it to those four people to have your act together.

  5. Shake says:

    The save the children groups, EPA, water board, & all the other fingers in the cookie jar, rape the taxpayers royally. The counties, towns will continue to suffer, continue to beg the govt for money through strings attached grants and worse. The save the children, save the Envirornment, are old slogans that go back through history. Know your history, know your future.

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