Why North Carolina’s Charlotte Observer’s Editors Are So Liberal…

Asked on Honesty Day…

Please check out this link while considering the author is an editorial page editor from North Carolina.  In Humboldt, a county that votes left of center by 25% don’t we deserve a similar voice from our local media?

Here is one adjustment that could be made.  Instead of

“we believe taxes should be as low as possible while still providing a sound safety net…”

…what about…

“We believe taxes should be exactly where needed to pay for the requirements of a modern society as outlined in these liberal principles.”


“We believe that extra care is made to look at one’s ability to pay these taxes and wealth as well as income should be taken into account.”

What would the Times-Standard’s honest response be to why their editorial staff is conservative?  Guess we’ll have to wait ’till April 30th 2016 to ask.

…Fun for Nerds…

I’m a huge fan of How It Should Have Ended’s low budget imagined meetings of Batman and Superman at a diner.  As we approach one of the many big budget and nerd-head-exploding movies in 2015 here is a HISHE’s take on the first full trailer for the Batman v Superman movie.  I won’t be watching it, but I’m glad it exists if only for this HISHE take on the movie.


4 thoughts on “Why North Carolina’s Charlotte Observer’s Editors Are So Liberal…

  1. Lani says:

    My daughter and her family live in Charlotte. She is Presbyterian minister who is a volunteer counselor at the agency that is listed as one of the programs that the editor supports- Urban Ministries Moore Place. Charlotte is leaps ahead of all cities in their elimination of the homeless problem They have a high track record of supporting a program that has a 80% success rate of the homeless finding a home and continuing to do so. The Huffington article credits the city for their accomplishments. Eureka- look into what they have done. It is a collaborative effort between agencies and the community.

  2. jtimmons88 says:

    North Carolina is a far cry from South Carolina, much more liberal and a much more pleasant place to live. One my shortlist if I ever leave Humboldt.

  3. sky hammer says:

    The fact that you consider the Times-Standard Conservative is absolutely amazing since the Times- Standard editorials are so Liberal.

  4. Thanks Lani and Julie! North Carolina does have a strong blue streak doesn’t it?

    Sky – Think about the TS’s position on Measure R as one example. This take in a county that votes 25% Democratic is conservative.

    Sky, if we were talking about social conservatism I might agree that the TS has a benign left of center tilt. But I don’t even know about that as I can honestly recall any strongly liberal takes or editorials. What I’m talking about is financial conservatism. Arkley and his Eureka Reporter influence and the out-of-town corporate owners of the TS could more than likely care less about what side to take on the gay marriage issue as an example, in fact, they probably do lean left of Governor Bobby Jindal on whether a same-sex couple can marry or if part of a woman’s right to chose is actually having woman’s health clinics in the vicinity. Anything to sell more papers and keep the polis’ eyes on their advertiser’s ads.

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