We Prevent War When Alternatives Exist

Which do now thanks to “pro-goals of Islamic Jihad” President Barack Hussein Obama and his singularly focused administration to including Secretary of State John Kerry.  This is why the unanimous decision by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to approve a bill requiring “Congress to review, and then vote on, the final text of a nuclear deal” is so depressing.

And again, this was an unanimous vote which includes, of course, a whole bunch of Democrats.  I understand where Republicans are coming from, but the Democrats on this Committee are wrong and they are getting caught up in the right’s dangerous games,  again.  Ugh.

Brave New Films
Click for link to “Wrong about Iraq Wrong about Iran” from Brave New Films


Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 114th Congress (i.e. current one)

Today’s NYT Editorial:  A Reckless Act in the Senate on Iran

Any final agreement would be a political agreement, which Obama administration officials say does not require congressional action, and it would not be a legally binding document. It would not be a formal treaty, which requires Senate ratification.

Every president has negotiated similar agreements as part of executive authority. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has wrongly and inappropriately diminished the president’s power to conduct the nation’s foreign policy as he was elected to do.

NYT:  Obama Yields, Allowing Congress Say on Iran Nuclear Deal

MoveOn:  MoveOn on Historic Iran Milestone: Time for House and Senate to Support the President; Anything Else Risks War

Jewish Voice for Peace:  Progressive groups call for Congress to Let Diplomacy Work

Win Without War:


3 thoughts on “We Prevent War When Alternatives Exist

    1. Took me a while to get to this Katya. I changed the link so the video screen shot no longer shows.

      What’s wrong with us? Our inability to see all of us as us would be a place I’d start the conversation.

  1. Anonymous says:

    From my understanding of the situation, Congress has some very significant leverage, in that it is Congress that enacted U.S. sanctions, and Congress that would have to lift them. I believe the President can waive them temporarily in the name of national security interests, but a temporary waiving of the sanctions wouldn’t be enough to entice Iran to accept the deal. So it seems like, whether he likes it or not, the President needs Congressional support to make this deal work.

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