Hope vs. Fear. … n vs. …q.



Screen Grab from NYT this a.m. Image links to article. “Iran Agrees to Detailed Nuclear Outline, First Step Toward a Wider Deal”


Screen grab from The Drudge Report from 4/2/15


Screen grab from NYT.com article.  Image links to article.
Screen grab from NYT.com article. Image links to article. “In Tehran, Optimism and Talk of Revival After Nuclear Deal”



“Contrary to what organizations like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) tells us, there is absolutely a culture of deception in the Muslim faith, taught by the Qu’ran,” she said. “Muslims are taught to be ‘two faced’; that is, to present the face of friendship to enemies but to inwardly hate them. To wait to be called to jihad and be ready to rise up and kill the enemy when called.”

[Broadcast email from Chairperson of Idaho’s Republican Party Doyle Beck sent Monday.  (via Raw Story.)]

It’s really clear, if you can pull back from the machinery of fear and hatred that fuels what President Eisenhower called our military industrial complex.

At 47 ish I’m at that age where I can still remember the Soviets as our enemy and Muslims who fought them as our friends.  It was a bi-polar world.  Once the Berlin wall fell it took about two decades for the right to get back in power and help define a new enemy.  The enemy now is a little confusing – is it the axis of evil with Iran, Iraq and North Korean or is it really Glenn Beck’s leftist/Islamic/Neo-Nazi cabal?

But the rhetoric, and fear have consequences, which is exactly why they are continued.  A couple of the results or products of this rhetoric…

a) wealth and/or power for those telling the stories of fear.

b) further polarization resulting ultimately in the violence and tragedy that the fear imagined.  (or is it projected?)

c) “b” then leads to an increase in “a” which then re-inforces “b” in a cycle which we know from experience ultimately leads to leaders in one country singing “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” and chants of “Death to America” in another.

So Wednesday’s news of a tentative accord in Iran signals a sliver of hope.  Maybe we as an American people can begin to look past the zealots on either side and somehow remember the common humanity we share with the people of Iran, which, btw, is an incredibly ancient, sophisticated, and fascinating culture and people that lessens the Western world by it’s absence.

So those of us that can, let’s celebrate this paragon of diplomacy and hope Ira(N) 2015 is more representative of the future than Ira(Q) 2003.  I think it serves the interests of the United States and, oh, yeah, the world to hope for diplomacy over walls and wars.

Hope versus Fear.  Iran 2015 vs Iraq 2003-2015.  Charity and Understanding vs. Aggression and Hatred.  This won’t be easy to maintain.  Let’s continue the work of reconciliation that our President Obama and his foreign policy team has begun, and know that it’s going to be a bumpy path with interests from both sides doing everything they can to disrupt the path towards peace domination over violence.

Nice work President Barack Hussein Obama.


One thought on “Hope vs. Fear. … n vs. …q.

  1. So much for the Monroe Doctrine says:

    Huh. And this whole time i thought “Death to America” was because our biz men were using crooked tactics, like bribery and murder, to do biz in those countries, and then of course bribing and bombing their way out of punishment.
    If only they could pass a law outlawing this kind of activity.
    Oh, wait: they did.
    I guess the question is then: which political side of the aisle is brave enough to do the right thing.
    So far, it seems none.

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