Boston Globe Urges Senator Warren to Run

The editorial came out this weekend and instantly made the Move-On email rounds.

I don’t entirely agree with the tenor of the editorial, if she does run, the motivation should be to win, not to benefits Democrats generally.

But given the context of the first announced Republican candidate, think about the messaging advantage the Republicans will have for this election cycle until each party chooses their nominee.  Each of the what, 10? 13? eventual Republican candidates from Cruz to Huckabee to Walker to Paul will be there to expound on the Republican meme of choice.

And from my perspective this meme of exceptionalism, of Providence of a destiny that is blessed by God, makes us excuse policies – foreign and domestic – that seem to me to be objectively self-centered and cruel.

It’s policies that lead to domestic wealth inequality that is most noticeably demonstrable in our racial disparities.  When these are brought up, most often we get arguments such as Mayor Giuliani’s from Meet the Press last November.

“Ninety-three percent of blacks in America are killed by other blacks. We’re talking about the exception here.”

And although the asymmetry of the conflagration in the Middle East is never seen this way – the Republican candidates will inevitably focus (not that this isn’t also important) on the murder of non-Muslims and when the mayhem of the war over there breaks though our increasingly oppressive (and arguably necessary) police state mentality in the West.

Not a mention of any of our potential culpability.  Not responsibility mind you, but partial culpability.

In both cases, the American African-American experience and the expanding instability in the Middle East non of the Republicans will bring up income disparities and what these might mean.  They’ll also all our exceptionalism which basically means God is on our side which seems to me to be debate stopper.

That will be the media matrix for the next year.  I think we should be aware of it and how that political structure of the 2016 election may alone have grave policy ramifications – setting up the frames of debate from 2016 on.

So while I’d personally love Senator Warren to run, it would be to win, not to shape the debate.  If she doesn’t win, and with no viable candidates with a similar message, it seems we are in for a year of exceptionally right-wing rhetoric in our media.

Oh the joy. (sarcasm)

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