Linda Atkin’s ‘My Word’ on the Pension Panic

Another great ‘My Word’ for those who missed yesterday’s paper.   Click the link below for the article.

Pension panic? Consider the survey source

Question for the Times Standard – why lump these two great progressive  (see yesterday’s link to Richard Salzman’s article on the BOS) ‘My Words’ in one edition?  I guess these along with the good coverage of the county employee’s demonstration in front of the courthouse yesterday were determined to be best placed all in one day’s newspaper.  (note, sarcasm beginning) Why spread out the good news?

Oh and also, let’s give the third opinion piece on the page to the outrageous claim that somehow the condemned letter by most of the Senate’s Republicans was President Obama’s fault for being, you know, a tyrant. (my word, not his) (sarcasm ends)

Back to Councilwoman Atkin’s opinion piece.

This Sunday’s headline story (“City’s pensions 10th in state,” Times-Standard, March 15, Page A1) was about a report issued by the California Policy Center, a renowned conservative pressure group disguised as a “think tank” that’s out to push the California public into believing that they deserve government services for free and that a secure retirement is only for those with enough income to provide it for themselves. Their hope is to dismantle all reliable retirement systems, including Social Security, so that you and I will live a frightening old age in poverty, while the execs and corporations rake in the billions.


I’ve added the link to the CPC above and also captured a screen grab below.


“The mission of the California Policy Center is to secure a more prosperous future for all Californians.”

uh huh.


More from Ward 2’s Councilwoman…

To understand what’s happened, we have to look at the history of funding for cities in California. With the passage of Proposition 13, all commercial property was protected from being reassessed, sometimes forever. This staggering decrease in revenue to local governments just got worse every year as inflation gobbles up the tax base we used to have for local services. We have more expenses and no way to pay for them except by reducing our staff and eliminating the maintenance of our infrastructure (paving streets, sewer repair, etc.)

Less revenue to cities, criminal manipulation of our economy and the mindset pushed by the California Policy Center that the public employees are to blame and government should be able to function with very little money is way off base. Maybe they want to control who gets the money in our society by convincing California citizens that we should give our tax dollars to the corporations that fund the Policy Center, rather than to our friends and neighbors who work for a living.

The piece is a wonderful and important reminder and offers important context to the conservatives rush to the bottom for our governments and their employees.  Full disclosure, I am one now.


5 thoughts on “Linda Atkin’s ‘My Word’ on the Pension Panic

  1. John Fullerton says:

    Hey Jon, The North Coast Journal is trying to get ahold of you for comment on the disreputable actions of your Democratic Central Committee’s actions in laundering money.

    We’re interested in hearing you answer that reporter’s questions.

    1. MOLA42 says:

      Hey John:

      The county is still waiting on you following up on your promise to promote a higher minimum wage.

      We’re interested in seeing you actually keep your Anti-R campaign promise.

    1. MOLA42 says:

      Who? Who’s James?

      Not only dishonest; but also delusional.

      Put up or shut up. That clear enough for you?

      You made a promise… that is not something you fulfill in your spare time.

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