Leonard Nimoy Lived Long and Prospered

And with Gene Roddenberry and many others left us a memorable and meaningful legacy in his wake.


8 thoughts on “Leonard Nimoy Lived Long and Prospered

  1. MOLA42 says:

    My childhood is slowly fading away.

    Except in Leonard Nimoy’s case, he stayed relevant long past “Live Long and Prosper.” He was always great at any role he did.

    A life well lived is to be missed, to be celebrated… but not mourned.

  2. Perhaps it is why you posted it, but he was an impassioned liberal Democtat who truly cared for the common folk. We didn’t just lose a great actor, but we lost a great human being. Don’t think I will feel the same when Ted Nugent passes.

      1. MOLA42 says:

        I dunno… When the Nuge kicks the bucket I probably won’t care because he sucks as an artist. I care about Leonard Nimoy because (A) he’s a pillar of my child hood and (2) he did fantastic things with his life.

        I never noticed his politics.

        Death is never a partisan issue.

      2. Your point is OK, but I think the commentator may have referred specifically to Nugent’s hateful personality. A review of Nugent’s life reveals an excellent archer and overall hunter but unfortunately also a composite and personification of everything evil in the modern conservative movement. Vietnam vets, especially, should loathe him. Classic Republican chickenhawk. But yes, he is, at least nominally, a human being whose life has intrinsic value. But, if I dropped dead this moment, I don’t think you would exactly mourn me. That’s how some folks feel about Nugent and I suspect you knew that deep down. Hmmmmm?

  3. Tim Crlenjak says:

    Nimoy did well. Never became famous as a poet, which I am sure he hoped for, but safe to say he succeeded admirably as an actor with acclaim and money. Nice to know that he supported liberal causes. Good luck and remember: don’t go postal, go slavic!

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