below the fold for graphic footage from the NYT.


UPDATE 1/8/15:  The link no longer is to the 1 min plus of images of men with rifles shooting people. But the video can still be found here.

I can’t help remembering the last video the world saw of a person wounded or dying from an incomprehensibly shot bullet.  Neda Agha Soltan.  This is murder and terrorism and it’s despicable.



One thought on “#NotInOurName

  1. Philippe Lapotre says:

    What is so chocking is that they killed guys that in their life time have been very instrumental in triggering the debate for more religious freedom and tolerance towards Islam and a population of immigrants that what ostracized in France for so long than any french person. Born of the sixties counterculture Cabu, Wolinski and their friends at Charlie Hebdo pocked at the fabric of the established racist culture of France. They were instrumental in the “touche pas a mon pote” movement that brought awareness of the plight of north African immigrants in France and force governments, Police, people to confront the problems and enter into a civilized discussion on how to improve the situation. Today it clear how much it has improved even if it is a long way from being perfect.
    Unapologetic satire which is what these artists did presents a topic in its raw form, forcing the reader to face reality. No equivocation, here it is deal with it. To respond with barbaric killing is the representation of the weakest argument. Murder in the name of a god or a prophet of any religion is recognizing that you have lost the debate. I applaud the reaction of the people of Islam denouncing this act while I mourn the death of some of my heroes.
    I hope and believe that this final act in the life of these Artists will advance the cause of tolerance, freedom of speech and international recognition that violence, murder, and terror is not the answer to any debate.


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