Eureka, CA ≈ Ferguson, MO Part 2: Census Data.

… And Thoughts on the Community Shooting Review Board…

Following links from yesterday’s NYT editorial on at large voting brought up this new and improved Census Bureau website.   It’s pretty awesome and chock-full of information.  (Go government and bureaus (home of bureaucrats)!).

Turns out outside of race and home values (and home ownership) we are amazingly similar in demographics to Ferguson.

One item that interest is we are both 6% below the national average in percentages of people with college degrees or higher.,2923986,00/embed

So as the national media reports the problem of our inability to hold peace officers liable for mistakes or differences in arrests without incident as a racial one – which is true btw – we know in Eureka that this can also be viewed as a difference based on income inequality.  These two problems are inextricably linked – they are, in essence, one and the same – law enforcement naturally providing better service to the influencial.

And I say naturally because like Ferguson, we in Eureka and HumCo are divided by geography.  Lumbar Hills is safer than downtown.  Enforcing public safety issues is easier and requires less resources in Lumbar Hills than downtown.  Ferguson will have geographic analogs, only theirs will be much more striking as they are based on centuries of racial discrimination.  (Not letting us off the hook on that one either – arguably we’ve just been more successful – think of it as a decades-long TAP program (sans mass murder and races-based exclusionary laws) if you were Native American or Asian)

Back to at large voting then.  What benefits do power and influence afford?  One is that when arguable mistakes at best or clearly unjust interactions between peace officers and those they are tasked with serving are made, those in power, those responsible will be the ones to determine how justice is served and what changes we can make to move forward.

Tuluwat has a great “heads up” on what Eureka has planned with the euphemistically named Community Shooting Review Board.  As they point out, there isn’t much community involved in this review board and we can hope for but shouldn’t expect much justice or significant changes to result from what appears to be a group of Very Concerned Boardmembers.

According to TE the board will consist of 2 Eureka Police Department members, the County Coroner, Citycouncil Members Ciarabellini and Atkins and former DA candidate Elan Firpo.

I don’t know much if anything about law enforcement/DAs and the like.  What I do understand is politics and outside of Councilmember Atkins there will be a great deal of status-quo politics.  I believe Councilmember Ciarabellini is a known political entity and her support of law enforcement is established.  I don’t think this is necessarily a problem.  I do think that she will tend to have the reactionary defense mechanism that we currently can observe the NYPD exhibit on a seemingly daily basis.  The recent DA election demonstrated that Elan Firpo’s main political supporters were both in Southern Humboldt’s anti-enforcement culture and some politically active Eureka businesses owners such as my former employer and City Cab/Ambulance owner Fred Sundquist.

 What we don’t see is the Community Shooting Review Board are community members or their advocates outside of Councilmember Atkins.  Those who are served by those tasked to “protect and serve”are noticeably absent.

If feel this board and it’s lack of community advocates is one of the tangible benefits of structural infrastructures which Ferguson, MO and Eureka, CA share.  At large voting is one of the ways we have gotten where we are.  This must change.


4 thoughts on “Eureka, CA ≈ Ferguson, MO Part 2: Census Data.

  1. american who can think forself says:

    If you had used another exmple other than furguson then your article would have had merit. But your inability to see the fact that the furguson shooting was justified and that if the guy in furgeson had not attacked the cop and tried for his gun and complied with officers orders he would be alive today. Absolutely to dif cases. I mean really why is it the liberals cant see facts through there liberal eyes. It is what makes fox news the number one watched news channel in america. This is why problems are never delt with because of your obvious lack of understanding and quick rush to compare to entirely dif circumstances. The guy in furguson had no respect for life or authurity. He had just robbed a store then when confronted for walking down middle of road and made contact with police he attacked the officer and was shot at inside patrol car. You have many exmples in country to use but to compare the Eureka shooting to furguson shooting just shows you libs are more concerned of deviding america then solving problems. Really quite sickenning Just to bad you use your media plat form to continue fueling a fire

    1. American Thinking Liberal says:

      You make some good points with you comment, but a quick spell check and proof read would help get you point across much better. Your welcome

    2. MOLA42 says:

      american who can think forself:

      Lets talk about the mention of Ferguson deflating the merit of this post.

      First off… I don’t think there has been a definitive account presented to the nation of what exactly happened in Ferguson. The police maintain one version… witnesses another. Sound familiar?

      I personally feel I have no idea what happened there in Ferguson… the witness accounts are just too wide-ranging.

      But let’s look beyond that to what does connect the Ferguson shooting to the McClain shooting. Both police forces have gone into ultra “la la la I have my fingers in my ears and I can’t hear you” defense mode while their communities do not trust them to make any kind of judgement that will serve anyone but the police.

      To me this is the issue… who do you trust? And why? I would prefer to trust the police… but I can’t. And more importantly… too many of the citizens they are sworn to protect also do not trust them.

      I realize you, as many, like Fox News’ approach to the world. I understand the appeal… Fox consistently offers a simple narrative of what is going on. You know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Just like a prime time police drama from the 70’s.

      But the real world is never that simple; on any issue. The police are not (nor have they ever been) automatically the “good guys.” Sometimes they screw up. And sometimes they are just plain criminals hiding behind a badge. This is not “cop bashing;” this is simply the history of policing in this and in many other countries.

      Responsible people (like Liberal Jon) are not “fueling the fire”. They are seeking the truth and hoping we all learn valuable lessons from what has happened. And responsible people (like Liberal Jon) are discouraged by the fact that the EPD has no interest in either the truth or the important lessons to be learned.

      By all means “american who can think forself,” let us actually deal with the problem. We evidently all want that.

  2. ATL – thanks. I’ll edit that post when I get a round ‘tuit. Seriously. I mean too it’s embarrassing, but appreciated to be called out.

    MOLA – Yes. Click. And thanks as always. And as always too kind.

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