One Way the Right Has Deceived Reagan Democrats…

… and HumCo “Decline To States” (DTS)

In a word (and a pronoun), it’s “the other”.

Locally, John Chiv and sadly EPD Chief Andy Mills have taken to the local intertubes and tweet-o-phere to highlight our fight against Those That Are To Take The Blame, tweakers.

John’s highlighting of an anonymous poster living in a bad and worstening situation in an apartment complex is, like he said, resonating.  It’s easy for someone in Eureka, or anywhere else for that matter, to comiserate with the author.  It’s a horrible situation.

But what we miss in our tabloid press and our natural human tendency to want to neatly place blame for society on others is our own responsibility – society’s responsibility.  Problems like the one described by the HumCo Craiglist writer are much, much bigger than a conflict between an ethical or virtuous citizen and non-virtuous citizen.  It’s about hopelessness; [yes conservatives, you are right (but maybe not why you think)] a break down of families, lack of jobs, a failed “War on Drugs”, etc.

Conservatives, and Chief Mills, we cannot depend on you to be our social safety net.  We also cannot simply kick “the others” to the next curb or town down the line.  They are us we are them, and as they are now failing some of our neighbors, we have failed them too.   We have not found enough jobs, our educational, political and economic system are failing the most vulnerable among us.  This all makes an escape from reality even more motivating.

What does this mean for our politics?  The easy solution sells.  Ostracize, criminalize, and base one’s prison terms on the fact we don’t think you are fit for society rather than simply punishing crimes.  We don’t need a DHHS, that’s what jail is for – now pull up your boot straps.

That’s the populist side of conservatives and Republicans.  That is one of the ways they have managed to pull the wool over their constituent’s eyes, so when they are fighting for the monied interests whether it’s Wall Street at the national level, Coal and Energy at both the national and state level, or real estate at the local level, it feels like they are fighting for you, because they pander to each and every one of us’ internal need to blame the other.

The problem more often than not isn’t us, it’s, for example poverty, or a methamphetamine epidemic.  What can we do about it?  Take one day at a time and work towards and vote for policies and politicians that will do the same and not pander to the worse in us.


Frontline’s 2011 The Meth Epidemic

Today’s NYT Bombshell:  Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General

NYT:  On “Family Values” and why this should be a Democratic talking point, not Republican.  The Real Reason Richer People Marry

EPD Chief Andy Mills.

Please more Chiefing and less opinionating.  Leave the latter to us civilians.  Thank you!


Note to John Chiv who wrote this:

“Those who can do, do; those who cannot sue”

Get back to me on that please as we live through the next 2 years with all the suits on the ACA and now environmental policy (see industry/AG link bombshell above).  Suits written by the private sector to cull the protections of the public sector.  John, you should know why those your support do what they do, it isn’t to help that neighbor, if it was they would be looking at public/private ways of reducing rents and increasing incomes (earned or unearned) to our most vulnerable.

Political Maps and Graphs!

Republican Attorney Generals


Please note the imbalance of money.  As we know locally from Measures like R and the elections of economy and jobs = real estate and development Supervisors like Sundberg and Bass in 2014 and Bohn and Fennell in 2016, money knows on which side the bread is buttered.  (btw, it’s the side that is doing everything it can to disempower government while making politics about everything and anything but)



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