On the Color of Justice: Black, White, Blue and Green

  • From the Daily Kos, on black, white and blue justice… (please click on the cartoon to go to the sight, so Kos’ advertisers get their share, so we can pay the cartoonist.

The Color of Justice

Here’s M Wuerker’s sight on Politico.


I got a letter a couple days ago from the Eureka Police Officer’s Association. Anyone else? I’ve gotten them before but this was probably the only time I’ve opened one. It comes with a decal of a badge that says you’re an official EPOA supporter. I’ve seen at least a couple of them on cars around town.

Nice sales gimmick. Most folks would put that on their car- they might even donate- hoping for a little preferential treatment if they get stopped by the police, but the letter has a cavaet on the sidebar:

“Possession of Support Decals will not reflect preferential treatment during enforcement contacts, but will still allow the bearer to go through any green light in town.”

Nice touch, huh?


3 thoughts on “On the Color of Justice: Black, White, Blue and Green

  1. Anonymously says:

    On the front page of Kos today – following your link – is the inescapable pop-over asking people to sign a petition that states (in salient part): ” We need the power of the netroots to once again step in to ensure our national leaders don’t fail Michael Brown and his family again.”

    Kos people to the rescue? Really? Laughable.

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