Virginia, Chet, Arnie, and Matthew. This is What Political Courage Reads Like.




Click on the map to go to a post by a GOP lifer.  It reads like a security blanket for Democrats/liberals on 2016’s prospects, but it’s written by a proud and active Republican – one that I wish would grab the narrative from those currently writing it for the GOP.  If they did, no telling what would happen to national or state politics.  Local politics would not be changed too much as we still are living under conservative leadership, just one that cloaks itself under D or DTS.

But it sure would help to actually lead if you could speak forthrightly about your positions and policies.  Luckily things have taken a turn recently, and Supervisor Bass, you were free to join Supervisor Bohn in supporting conservative candidates like Mike and Chet on KINS.  Isn’t that better? Honestly?

This isn’t about winning or losing a given election, this is about governing generally, and we need leadership that can answer questions, and more importantly has policy ideas on which they can run campaigns (outside of opening a new restaurant or courting cruise ships).

That took a bit of a local diversion from the article itself, but I highly recommend it – for both liberals and conservatives.  A couple of points I would like to highlight…

– Vote suppression is working remarkably well, but that won’t last. Eventually Democrats will help people get the documentation they need to meet the ridiculous and confusing new requirements. The whole “voter integrity” sham may have given Republicans a one or maybe two-election boost in low-turnout races. Meanwhile we kissed off minority votes for the foreseeable future

– Almost half of the Republican Congressional delegation now comes from the former Confederacy. Total coincidence, just pointing that out.

                                                                               –  Chris Ladd


Thanks Rams for the link.  Great one.


2 thoughts on “Virginia, Chet, Arnie, and Matthew. This is What Political Courage Reads Like.

  1. Anonmously says:

    From the same article: “McConnell’s . . . about to discover that he cannot persuade Republican Senators and Congressmen to cooperate on anything constructive. We’re about to get two years of intense, horrifying stupidity.”

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